AI meets the stock market. Using the latest AI algorithms, we make predictions that offer opinions on which stocks will go up or down and when.

Completion Tasks

Tasks Performance


Correlations over different timeframes
# Data Timeframe Method Correlation
1 Company statements Quarterly Deep learning 8%
2 Economic Quarterly Reasoning 3%
3 Twitter Daily Sentiment 2%
4 News Daily Sentiment 3%
5 Charting Minute Convolutional 6%


What does

Large investment firms have huge advantages. Teams of analysts, large buying power and most importantly, a team of provessional mathematicians, programmers, analysts and software developers to extract financial forecasts and give them an edge.

With the growing use of Artificial inteligence to find patterns invisible to the human eye, this advantage between large and small invstors has grown far wider. is developed by people with both financial market and artificial intelligence expertise.

With publications in leading AI journals and conferences, our developers know how to apply AI to a wide range of financially related datasets. will soon be provided for small investors to level the playing field and bring them the AI advantage.

How elite investors use artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain an edge