The filing links show forecasts of stock market prices based on our opinions.

the columns are as follows

Symbol - the symbol of the stock
  • progress - the long dark line is the starting point, the short line is the target and the red line is the current price
  • ref - price when the prediction was made
  • last - yesterday's closing price
  • target - target price for the prediction
  • From - the time the prediction was made
  • O - a graphical representation of the time past since the prediction
  • To - date the prediction is made for
  • %change aldready - the percentage change since the prediction was made
  • pred %change - predicted percentage change
  • to go - the % change yet to go
  • std dev - standard deviation predicted by the system
  • sureness - confidence of the system where 50% is totally unsure
  • success - a guage of how successful this was in the past
  • Gainers lists the predicted best rising stocks

    Losers lists the predicted best falling stocks