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09:46 Sat 12
Why Do the Wealthy Pay Such Low Taxes?
Here's how the super-rich get away with dodging the IRS -- legally.

11:03 Fri 19
The Secret to Getting Into the 0% Tax Bracket
You may be able to legally ditch taxes if you do this.
19:00 Tue 14
CED Report Outlines Plan to Revamp the Regulatory Process for Infrastructure Investments, Minimizing Costly Delays
NEW YORK, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The United States is on track to pass a sweeping $1 trillion infrastructure package to transform the nation's crumbling roads, transportation hubs, water supply, and electric power grids. But, if the US is going to use its tax dollars on...
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14:14 Fri 24
UK airports report delays as IT failure shuts e-gates
Travelers arriving at U.K. airports are facing delays after electronic passport gates have failed, forcing passengers to wait in line for border officers to inspect their documents

12:45 Fri 24
Bipartisan Infrastructure Package Delivers Investments District Two Voters Want
OMAHA, Neb., Sept. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- As members of Congress debate its merits, Omahans are weighing in on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The bipartisan legislation has already passed in the Senate, and the House of Representatives is expected to vote on the bill as...

17:45 Fri 24
House Democrats Plan Action on Infrastructure and Social Policy Bill
An infrastructure vote had already been planned for Monday, and top Democrats said they also intended to take up their larger social policy and climate package.

06:07 Fri 24
Investments in South African data centre to reach US$3bn by 2026
South Africa's data center market size will witness investments of USD 3071 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 15% said a report.

17:00 Fri 24
Jim Cramer To Crypto Investors: Im Begging You To Sell
Mad Money Jim Cramer is no newcomer to crypto. The show host has made the news countless times for his takes on crypto and his crypto investments. Cramer has previously disclosed investments in both Bitcoin and Ethereum. And when he sold, Cramer had revealed his plan for getting back into crypto. Once again, the Mad […]

21:34 Wed 22
EXCLUSIVE: Kevin O'Leary On Expanded FTX Partnership, Crypto Regulations
Last month, regulated cryptocurrency exchange FTX signed a brand ambassadorship and investment deal with entrepreneur, venture capitalist and "Shark Tank" investor  Kevin O'Leary . Since Benzinga’s first in-depth report on the matter, it was revealed the Securities and Exchange Commission would critically assess the nascent market and potentially crack down on emerging products like Coinbase Global Inc ’s (NASDAQ: COIN ) proposed cryptocurrency lending. O’Leary updated Benzinga on his intent to hone in on the FTX partnership, as well as foster innovation and regulatory evolution in the broad cryptocurrency space. Why: “When the facts change, I change.” That’s what O’Leary told Benzinga weeks ago in reference to a clear change in regulatory leeway that inspired his involvement in the cryptocurrency space. To put it simply, the businessman has his hands in too many investments; he does not have the option to be off-sides. “Institutional investors struggle with the decision to invest in crypto assets. Not because they don't want to, but because they have difficulty in knowing with certainty that they will be 100% compliant with regulators and reporting requirements,” O’Leary told Benzinga in an update. With that regulatory evolution, O’Leary looked to earn ... Full story available on

08:30 Fri 24
Apple league's preferred NFL Sunday Ticket partner, says report
'All fair, but it's still early in the process, and sources say the NFL wants or perhaps, better termed, hopes Apple gets the out-of-market package.' What you need to know Apple is back in the running for an NFL package on its platforms. A new report says the company would be the NFL's preferred Sunday Ticket partner in the future. A new report says that Apple would be the NFL's preferred future partner for its Sunday Ticket package, which is up for renewal next year. As reported by The Athletic: The NFL's much-discussed Sunday Ticket package is in the news of late, with one report having Amazon as the lead contender to acquire the out-of-market games that are up for bid, while another touts Disney's ESPN empire as interested. All fair, but it's still early in the process, and sources say the NFL wants or perhaps, better termed, hopes Apple gets the out-of-market package The report claims a future deal would look 'a lot different structurally' to the...
20:45 Fri 24
Top House Democrats said they would charge ahead with a plan to bring up both a $1 trillion infrastructure bill and

smallbusiness co uk
09:47 Fri 24
Reprieve for self-employed having to report tax quarterly
By Timothy Adler on Small Business - Advice and Ideas for UK Small Businesses and SMEs Treasury bows to pressure and delays rolling out Making Tax Digital to self-employed sole traders to April 2024 The post Reprieve for self-employed having to report tax quarterly appeared first on Small Business .

npr org
20:40 Thu 23
A CDC Panel Backs Booster Shots For Older Adults, A Step Toward Making Them Available
The advisory committee's recommendation follows the FDA's authorization of Pfizer vaccine boosters for people 65 and up. Both regulatory moves will inform the U.S. plan to dispense extra doses.

10:15 Thu 23
China accelerates infrastructure investment plan as Evergrande woes add to economic slowdown fears
Infrastructure investment in telecommunication networks, satellite navigation, the industrial internet, smart logistics as well as transport will increase over the next five years, Chinas cabinet has announced, with Beijing vowing to stabilise the worlds second largest economy amid the latest setback involving indebted developer China Evergrande Group.With concerns growing about Chinas growth prospects due to the mounting problems involving Evergrande and crackdowns on both Big Tech and the

10:41 Fri 24
1 Top Infrastructure Investment to Put on Your Radar
This company could be a major beneficiary if we get an infrastructure spending package.

hbr org
12:25 Fri 24
How to Build a Transparent Relationship with Your Suppliers
It’s the key to minimizing and mitigating supply-chain risks.

04:31 Fri 24
Vietnam delays reopening resort island over low Covid-19 vaccination rate
HANOI, Sept 24 Vietnam has pushed back a plan to re-open the resort island of Phu Quoc to foreign tourists until November, after failing to meet targets for inoculating residents due to insufficient vaccine supplies, state media reported. The...

3h ago
RT @ForbesAdvisor: A credit card application is a fairly straightforward process, but business owners should be careful to report accuratel

6h ago
United Airlines Fined Nearly $2m For Lengthy Tarmac Delays
United Airlines is facing a $1.9 million fine over lengthy tarmac delays. The United States Department of Transportation…

12:00 Thu 23
4 Unstoppable Investments That Can Send Your Portfolio to the Moon
Ready to boost your savings? These investments can help you generate long-term wealth.

14:52 Wed 22
Its Frances and will remain so: Paris denies UK media report claiming it could give up its UN Security Council seat
France has rejected a report by the Daily Telegraph that it was proposing to hand its seat at the UN Security Council over to Brussels in exchange for European governments supporting President Emanuel Macrons plan of an EU army. Read Full Article at

20:10 Fri 24
Treasury Department guidance on American Rescue Plan Act funding for state and local government fiber projects raises questions on throughput standard
The U.S. Treasury Department has updated guidance on the use of $10 billion in American Rescue Plan Act grant funding to state, local and tribal governments for capital projects to construct advanced... Analysis & commentary on America's troubled transition from analog telephone service to digital advanced telecommunications and associated infrastructure deficits.

11:48 Fri 24
When It Comes To The Infrastructure Bill, Dont Believe The Hype
Infrastructure supporters should lower their expectations since public officials arent doing anything to reduce the barriers that make building stuff in America slow and expensive.

15:45 Thu 23
How to Invest in Solar Energy's Growthery Future
Tackling the latest government report on the future of energy and where it could drive investments.

21:25 Fri 24
Ferries in Alaska. Rail in Oregon. States Dream Big on Infrastructure Funds.
The infrastructure bill could reshape priorities across the country, jump-starting critical projects that stalled over funding. These are some of the possibilities.

16:18 Fri 24
Why Are Ex-Regulators Joining The Crypto Space At An Alarming Rate?
Ex-regulatory officials are taking up roles within the cryptocurrency space after serving out their tenures. For firms in the industry, it offers a way for them to insulate themselves from increasing regulatory pressure while ex-regulators explore the next chapter of their careers. Although it seems like a winning formula, several resignations have taken the shine […]

20:00 Fri 24
Should the Climate Movement Embrace Sabotage?
Andreas Malm insists that, instead of waiting on the Glasgow climate conference, environmentalists target fossil-fuel infrastructure. Also, a new report documents the lack of Latino stories in media and entertainment.

12:47 Fri 24
VCSEL Market to Grow USD 4.86 Billion by 2025 at 17.1% CAGR - Report by Market Research Future (MRFR)
New York, US, Sept. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Market Overview: According to a comprehensive research report by Market Research Future (MRFR), ' Global VCSEL Market information by Type, Material, End-User and Region forecast to 2027 ' the market was valued at USD 1.65 Billion in 2018; it is expected to reach USD 4.86 Billion by the 2025 at a CAGR of 17.1%. VCSEL Market Scope: Adoption of 3D Sensing to Drive Market Demand Rise of 3D sensing applications in smartphones can drive demand for VCSELs. Cameras with the capability of scanning objects in 3D have become a ubiquitous feature in latest phones. Cameras are paired with the appropriate software for sensing textures, lights, and movements with high precision. 3D applications extended to augmented reality (AR), modeling, and 3D object recognition can bode well for the market. Dominant Key Players on VCSEL Market Covered Are: II-VI Inc. Finisar Corporation NeoPhotonics Corporation Necsel Laser Vixar Inc Broadcom Inc. Lumentum Holdings Vertilas GmbH AMS Technologies AG TT Electronics PLC Coherent Inc. Philips GmbH Photonics Newport Corporation Santec Corporation IQE PLC Get Free Sample PDF Brochure : Market USP Exclusively Encompassed: Investments in Telecom Sector to Favor Market Growth Applications in data communication owing to demand for high-speed data transmissions can drive the VCSEL market. VCSELs can increase bandwidth capacity with high energy efficiency. This can assist network providers in transferring data over long distances. Investments in 5G infrastructure as well as tests for 5G networks in U.S., China, Germany, Italy, and Spain can augur favorably for the market. Huge Demand for Sensors to Boost VCSEL Market Huge demand for laser and reflective sensors can drive the global VCSEL market. ... Full story available on

economictimes indiatimes
06:19 Thu 23
Investors look ahead to rate hikes with Fed tapering plan all but certain
Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said the U.S. central bank could conclude its tapering process around the middle of next year, as long as the recovery remains on track.

freedomworks org
13:37 Fri 24
FreedomWorks Statement in Response to Bidens Proposed Expansion of IRS Overreach
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In response to Democrats inclusion in their partisan $3.5 trillion budget package of the Biden Administration's proposal to require private banks and financial institutions to report to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) all withdrawals and deposits for accounts over $600, Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks President, commented: The IRS has always had its eye on your money-- now it wants to know every single deposit and withdrawal you make at the bank. Not only would this give the IRS access to more information than it could ever process, this is a major violation of Americans privacy, as the private information of more than 100 million Americans will be funneled into the hands of one of the most notoriously weaponized agencies in recent history. This proposal would even go beyond traditional banks to include services such as PayPal and Venmo. With many Americans moving to these newer platforms because of their ease of use and accessibility, the Biden IRS is clearly never going to miss out on a chance to take a peak at Americans wallets. FreedomWorks Director of the Regulatory Action Center Beverly McKittrick authored an explanation on this major IRS overreach, which can be found here .

04:30 Fri 24
SE Asia govts must back ADB plan to close coal plants with regulation -report

11:21 Thu 23
This Stock Could Be a Big Winner of Infrastructure Spending
With trillions in infrastructure spending likely, here's one way to set yourself up to profit.

08:59 Fri 24
Great that there's seemingly a new space race to build moonbases... but can't help but feeling the focus should be on setting up an International Moonbase as ISS successor, or at least a 'Moon base city' with multiple bases forming a distinct hub.
There's lot of talk about who gets to claim certain prime crater positions for moonbases, near the poles where there's speculated to be water ice, both shade and sunlight, and more constant hours of sun, however it really just seems like a waste of resources to plan out separate bases and adds some unnecessary risk. The craters in question are massive, far more space than what any individual country could make use even with decades of sustained development, and means that individual countries will require development and construction of complete individual infrastructure to operate. The ISS has had to deal with limited space for crew members, modules, experiments, etc, but a shared moonbase doesn't really have the same concerns, given it can expand out as required (so long as infrastructure covers said expansion, power, water, oxygen, etc). It would allow countries with smaller space agencies and private industry to work on specific modules (food, habitation, power, construction / mining), speeding up the process of creating permanent habitability on the moon. And, as a hub of moonbases, would easily allow countries to deal with any critical failures (i.e life support failure; just suit up & walk over to the neighbouring base 50-100m away). It just seems like, at this early stage countries would be better working together on a shared moonbase or moonbase city / hub; make a successful, large effort to build a central hub, and then from there make their own smaller research stations further out, gradually colonising more of the moon. submitted by /u/FieldsingAround [link] [comments]