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02:59 Sat 23
Health care costs for people with rare diseases have been underestimated, study shows
A new, retrospective study of medical and insurance records indicates health care costs for people with a rare disease have been underestimated and are three to five times greater than the costs for people without a rare disease.

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20:00 Sun 28
Almost half of health care workers are not doctors and nurses. Health policies must address their burnout too.
Vaccination rates are climbing, and COVID-19 cases are decreasing. While this is surely a relief to most of us, many health care workers are bracing themselves for a significant post-pandemic fallout. Far from getting a much-needed reprieve from an emotionally and physically draining 20 months, these professionals will be forced to work under similar strain Read more Almost half of health care workers are not doctors and nurses. Health policies must address their burnout too. originally appeared in .

01:49 Sat 27
The Mental Health Crisis Is Growing. Is Technology One Possible Solution?
Discussions surrounding mental health have never been more prominent or vital. After a chaotic two years amidst a global pandemic, rising consumer costs, and a fluid global economic climate, people are exhausted. But societal mental health was taking a toll even prior to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. Statistic after statistic has unequivocally illustrated increasing rates [...]

01:42 Sat 27
Americans dont have equal access to mental healthcare but technology is making it more democratic
Novel health technologies are allowing us to move into a new era of equality and improved access to healthcare for everyone, eliminating the barriers between people and healthcare, by putting the patient at the center of care versus the provider.One of the oldest, yet still unresolved issues plaguing the US health system is the unequal [...]

bbci co uk
13:11 Sun 28
Health failures in NI creating unfair system says Bengoa
Prof Rafael Bengoa, who led a review into the NI service, says people are turning to private care.

5h ago
What's in a name? For families desperate for a diagnosis, knowing the cause of illness matters
Medicine has made strides understanding rare genetic diseases but many patients, often children, face a diagnostic odyssey to find out what is wrong.          

21:39 Sun 28
Coronavirus Linked To Changes In Peoples Periods & Libido, Suggests Study
Researchers in Dublin spoke to women and people who menstruate about their overall health and found that the immense stress of the pandemic may have had some surprising effects.

01:41 Sat 27
If todays virtual care is not the answer for people with chronic conditions, what is?
In the future virtual care 2.0 must build upon this understanding and focus on a new KPI (key performance indicator): patient autonomy, the ability of a person to treat themselves effectively and feel confident in their decisions.The Covid-19 pandemic pushed the medical industry to offer high quality care at a distance, and many [...]

09:33 Sun 28
Another U-turn likely from UK government on care costs bill

10:59 Sun 28
Study shows what would happen if China dealt with Covid like US
If China were to drop its zero-Covid-19 policy and open up its economy the way some Western countries have, it would have hundreds of thousands daily infections that would overwhelm its healthcare system, a study has claimed. Read Full Article at

taxresearch org uk
10:50 Sun 28
Wise people are urging caution. Our ministers are responding with reckless indifference to the people of this country.
It is rare that the difference between politics and the scientific method is so starkly seen as it is this weekend. I read a great Read the full article...

virology ws
01:10 Sun 28
Trial By Error: An Interview with Adam Lowe, a Member of the NICE Guideline Committee for ME/CFS
By David Tuller, DrPH Adam Lowe, a patient, was one of five lay people on the committee pulled together by Britain’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence to work on the new ME/CFS guideline. He and I spoke recently on Zoom about his role in the process.
21:21 Sun 28
Wisconsin senators issue joint statement urging people not to politicize Christmas parade attack
View post on “More than 60 people were injured, including 18 children.”   h/tdr0id

news-medical net
3h ago
Study shows plasmacytoid dendritic cells may be a viable target for protection against SARS-CoV-2
A recent research paper by scientists from Denmark reveals that circulating plasmacytoid dendritic cells may be a potential therapeutic target to maintain desired levels of an antiviral compound known as interferon, allowing for the mitigation of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) severity. The study is currently available on the bioRxiv* preprint server while it undergoes peer review.

15:50 Tue 23
Weekly Research Highlights 23 November 2021
For this weeks research article, we dive into new insights on blockchain, biometric automation in finance, biometrics, urban technology, identity verification and more. Happy reading! Global Industry Study Reveals Fintech Lenders are Evolving Fast and Moving Up Market (Yahoo Finance) New Economist Impact research study shows changing mindset of traditional banks to partner with fintechs; […]

10:58 Sun 28
Rising living costs 'crippling people in Northern Ireland'

13:25 Sun 28
Angara tells PhilHealth to settleallobligations, gear up for higher 2022 fund for universal health care program

01:22 Sat 27
A single strategy is not sufficient to navigate the complex social interactions of everyday life, argues study
To successfully cooperate or compete with other people in everyday life, it is important to know what the other person thinks, feels, or wants. Dr. Julia Wolf, Dr. Sabrina Coninx and Professor Albert Newen from Institute of Philosophy II at Ruhr-Universitt Bochum have explored which strategies people use to understand other people.For a long time, [...]

20:39 Wed 24
A new artificial material mimics quantum entangled rare earth compounds
Physicists have created a new ultra-thin two-layer material with quantum properties that normally require rare earth compounds. This material, which is relatively easy to make and does not contain rare earth metals, could provide a new platform for quantum computing and advance research into unconventional superconductivity and quantum criticality.

09:27 Sun 28
Nws | A rare Roman mosaic was discovered buried beneath a farmer's field in the UK
The rare mosaic depicts scenes from Homer's 'The Iliad' and it was found by the family that owns the landduring lockdown last year.
abc net au
18:00 Sun 28
Housing affordability is a national crisis, but for one group of young people it can be life changing
The housing affordability crisis is being felt acutely by young people with a disability, partly because the hidden costs of having a disability can make it much more difficult to save a deposit and pay off a mortgage.

news google au
23:03 Sun 28
Matt Doran makes heartfelt apology, Seven denies $1m Adele costs. - TV Tonight
Matt Doran makes heartfelt apology, Seven denies $1m Adele costs.    TV Tonight Seven boss reacts to Adele interview debacle The power of Adele and the power of a white lie    The Guardian VIDEO: Australian TV host Matthew Doran's apology for Adele email fail    INSIDER Control freak Adele shows theres no point to celebrity interviews    The Australian View Full coverage on Google News

16:40 Sun 28
Please help me choose at 2022 plan (Florida)
I just turned 26 and have to search on healthcare .gov for a new plan as I will not be on my parents' insurance anymore starting January. I have no idea where to start as we have always been covered by my father's job's plan. My job does not have health care benefits. I am generally healthy, usually do not go to the doctor, but would like the option to if needed. I have asthma. Here is what I narrowed it down to: ​ AvMed Entrust Bronze 625 Dental and Vision $365.88 premium, $0 deductible, $8350 out of pocket max, $70 primary care Tier 1, $140 specialist, $25 tier 1 generic drugs, a hospital stay is $3000 copay a day, energency room $1850 - I have never heard of this insurance before? Has anyone else? My Blue Bronze 2129- $339.29 premium $0 dedutcible, $8700 out of pocket, PCP no charge tier 1, $20 Specialist, $25 generic drugs, $3000 per day copay hopsital stay, no vision and dental, Emergency room $1100 My Blue Silver 1710- $409.15 premium, $6200 deductible, $8550 out of pocket max, PCP no charge, Specialist $20, generic drugs $30, hospital stay 10% coinsurance after deductible, no vision or dental, Emergency room $600 - Why is the deductible higher for a silver plan than bronze? BlueCare Bronze 2159- premium $491, deductible $0, Out of pocket max $8700, PCP no charge, specialist $20, generic drugs $30, emergency room $900, hospital stay $3000 copayment per day - more than I would like to pay in premium costs Any advise? submitted by /u/Default_Username5 [link] [comments]

05:20 Sun 28
How Much Is a Venture X Franchise? (Detailed Franchise Costs)
Venture X Franchise Costs: Estimated Initial Investment (Item 7, 2021 FDD) 1. Initial Franchise Fee: $60,000 2. Third-Party Specific Location Analysis: $0 to $5,000 3. DSS Fee: $23,500 You will pay the DSS Fee of $23,500 upon the signing of the Franchise Agreement. The DSS Fee includes assistance and preliminary review for up to 2 […] The post How Much Is a Venture X Franchise? (Detailed Franchise Costs) appeared first on Franchise Chatter .

3h ago
Canada detects two cases of Omicron variant, the first confirmed in North America
Canada said Sunday it has detected its first cases of the new Omicron strain of Covid, in two people who had traveled recently to Nigeria. Both patients are in isolation while public health authorities trace their possible contacts, said federal and Ontario provincial officials. “I was informed today by the Public Health Agency of Canada [...]

05:05 Sun 28
How Much Is a 101 Mobility Franchise? (Detailed Franchise Costs)
101 Mobility Franchise Costs: Estimated Initial Investment (Item 7, 2021 FDD) 1. Initial Franchise Fee: $35,000 to $60,000 The lower amount in the Initial Franchise Fee range above represents the Initial Franchise Fee for an Area of Primary Responsibility (APR) with a population of 500,000 individuals. The higher range in the Initial Franchise Fee calculation […] The post How Much Is a 101 Mobility Franchise? (Detailed Franchise Costs) appeared first on Franchise Chatter .

19:37 Sun 28
Designer Virgil Abloh, 41, Dead After Two-Year Battle With Rare Cardiac Cancer
Artist and designer Virgil Abloh has died after a private two-year battle with a rare heart tumor. He was 41 and is survived by his wife and two children.

leftfootforward org
11:02 Sun 28
Its unfair, its wrong and the government must think again: Labour MP sets out priorities for social care
Shadow social care minister Liz Kendall has shared Labour's priorities for social care The post ‘It’s unfair, it’s wrong and the government must think again’: Labour MP sets out priorities for social care appeared first on Left Foot Forward: Leading the UK's progressive debate .

14:30 Sun 28
People in Switzerland will vote on the government's health measures against Covid-19, in the wake of a large increa

10:21 Sun 28
RT @THChennai: With the #TamilNadu DPH recently making #COVID19Vaccination mandatory for people visiting public places, Health Minister Ma.

abc net au
19:28 Sat 27
'You're not bouncy enough to have ADHD': Australian school kids say ADHD is severely misunderstood
ADHD affects one in 20 Australian children, which means, statistically, there is a child with ADHD in every single classroom in the country.But a recent study shows 55 per cent of teachers do not have adequate training on managing ADHD in the classroom.