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09:49 Sat 23
5 Reasons Why Health Insurance Is a Must for the Elderly
The onset of old age carries with it a slew of costly health issues. The high medical costs can turn out to be overwhelming for you and your family, especially if you are physically inactive and financially not that sound. Purchasing senior citizen medical insurance to cover any unexpected medical expenses is certainly a sensible decision – and you can click here for some great options. Nowadays, most insurance firms you will contact have a wide range of health insurance plans for senior citizens. These plans are developed primarily to meet the medical needs of those over the age of The post 5 Reasons Why Health Insurance Is a Must for the Elderly appeared first on Foreign Policy .

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10:28 Sat 27
Can I enroll in parents healthcare plan if I am eligible for employer COBRA?
Hi everyone. I am a single 24 year old in California. My job based health insurance will end on the 30th of November. I will be on a contract job (high pay, no benefits) for the next 5 months. I have been on employer health insurance for the last year. My former employer did offer me cobra but it will cost me $600/month. Im a healthy guy and rarely go to the doctor and feel like $600/month is too much. Am I able to go on my parents insurance that they get through the marketplace? I do not file taxes with them but I do live at the same residence. The covered California (Obamacare) rep I was talking to stated that I would need to go on cobra. But I thought I would qualify for my parents insurance since Im under 26? Also, if my parents income is $80,000 and mine will be $150,000 in 2022, will this cause their health insurance price to skyrocket if we are in the same plan? submitted by /u/Quick_Mango_5189 [link] [comments]

15:00 Sun 28
All Your Questions On HSAs and FSAs Answered (Including Whether Or Not You Need One!)
Its time to think over your health insurance game plan for 2022 (ah, the joys of adulting!). When it comes to health insurance plans and benefits, there is a ton of jargon and acronyms. Today, I unpack two.

5h ago
What Is the Average Cost of Car Insurance in New York?
The average cost of full coverage car insurance in New York is $2,777 per year or $231 per month, but old and new drivers in NYC could find cheaper rates by comparing. If you’re unfamiliar with New York auto insurance, you might be shocked to hear that it differs from vehicle insurance in other states in several ways. Amazing Facts About Car Insurance in New York The state of New York is known for being a no-fault zone. Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance is required for all New York drivers, and it covers your medical expenses if you are injured […] The post What Is the Average Cost of Car Insurance in New York? appeared first on Life, Business, Auto, Health, Travel and Home Insurance .

13:18 Sun 28
I missed the enrollment period for insurance at my job. Would it be stupid to buy a marketplace plan until I can enroll with my job next year?
Hi, I havent had health insurance like 3 years for a bunch of reasons but Ive really fucked up at my job. I missed the initial period when I started months ago and I missed annual enrollment a few weeks ago. I spend so much money every month on psychiatric prescriptions and doctor appointments. Im also trans and would like to start seeing if I could find a plan to cover SRS for me. I have a few questions about it though. I applied on the website and Im eligible but the plans are expensive. Im honestly not sure if I should buy one or just wait until next year since the premiums are like $300+ and I only make like $2500 a month. *Am I going to get fined for not having insurance eventually? I remember hearing that in college but I ignored it because Ive never had a job before and couldnt afford it. *Am I going to get denied coverage anyways because I have pre-existing conditions? I have diagnosed depression, bipolar disorder, gender dysphoria, and anxiety. This worries me and is part of the reason I didnt enroll with my job before. Thanks, sorry. Ive never had my insurance before and Im really bad with money. I dont know what to do tbh. submitted by /u/LaOrganika [link] [comments]

13:43 Sat 27
7 Frequently Asked Questions About Life Insurance Quotes in Dublin
The majority of Irish people nowadays utilize the Internet when looking for the best life insurance quotes in Ireland. It makes them well-informed purchasers because they understand the importance of life insurance, and companies that respond quickly and efficiently to their customers’ enquiries are more likely to win in business at the end of the day. When you’re shopping for life insurance quotes online in Ireland, you’re likely to have a lot of questions. Here are seven commonly asked life insurance quote questions to give you an idea of what those responses might be. 1. Should I enter regular, preferred, […] The post 7 Frequently Asked Questions About Life Insurance Quotes in Dublin appeared first on Life, Business, Auto, Health, Travel and Home Insurance .

00:28 Sun 28
Can I open my own HSA?
Hi. New to health insurance (26F, recently kicked off parents plan) I'm getting ACA certified healthcare through my state's website (Pennsylvania, we use Pennie) because my job doesn't allow me to get their health insurance. (I work multiple jobs so I don't work full time at one). I havent officially signed up yet, but I know I want to go with independence blue cross because it has most of my current providers in network. A little nervous that my dermatologist and allergist are out of network, but I didn't see any plans on the website including them. Anyway, I want to open a HSA. I figure tax free money I can use towards myself and having some medical savings would be a good idea. No clue how to go about this or if it's even possible. Who would I open it with? Are there limitations? Any info would be helpful. submitted by /u/pinksapphire55 [link] [comments]

19:34 Sun 28
Am I still eligible?
Hello, I want to enroll in a health insurance marketplace plan but Im confused. I filled out the application last month (but didnt enroll in a plan yet) but then this month my job had an open enrollment period for a week which I missed. However the insurance through my job is more expensive than what I can get on the marketplace and my job is contractual, meaning my insurance would only work when Im actively working on something with them, which isnt really something I want. Also my job is in a different state than me (remote work) so I dont know if that would make a difference. The marketplace gave me a tax credit of around $250 based on my estimated salary. I want to sign up for a plan but am I going to be penalized for not enrolling in my job based plan and end up having to pay back all that tax credit? Thanks for reading! submitted by /u/betegg [link] [comments]

01:16 Sun 28
RT @HindustanTimes: Star Health and Allied Insurance IPO to open on Nov 30. Key things to know

21m ago
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala-backed Star Health IPO opens tomorrow; GMP evaporates, should you subscribe?
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala-backed Star Health and Allied Insurance IPO will open for subscription tomorrow as the company looks to raise Rs 7,249 crore from investors.

21:24 Sat 27
What are your options for procedures that arent covered by your companys insurance plan?
Im told that I can ask the doctor to provide prior authorization and if its denied by insurance then I can submit a petition for approval with a statement from the doctor that the procedure is preventative. Any other options for when insurance covers the medication that reduces the symptoms, but not the procedure that eliminates them altogether? submitted by /u/Unbiblical_Cord [link] [comments]

22:16 Sat 27
Hello! I've gotten work-based insurance for the first time. I've only ever had my parents' and state. How do I know which is a better deal? (I have included my predicted uses for healthcare in 2022)
I live in Minneapolis, Hennepin County 55409. My workplace is in Wisconsin but I work remotely, so I don't think that affects the insurance at all. I make about $40k a year before taxes, and this is single-person health insurance. (No dependents, etc.) I am 29, AFAB, with diagnosed anxiety, depression, asthma, history of osteoarthritis (one surgery for it) I currently take Restasis eyedrops (They're a stupid amount without insurance), and testosterone injections as my two doctor-prescribed medications. Otherwise in decent condition for my age according to a doctor's visit. I do not smoke cigarettes or drink regularly. Things I would really like to do in 2022 with healthcare: Get top surgery (full removal of breast tissue) I've had back issues since I was 18 and I've had so many doctors look at it with no results. Really wanna try and get that figured out this year so lots of general and specialty doctor visits, probably some MRIs, etc. Therapy and a hopeful ADHD diagnosis For my work plan, there are two options. Deleting link until I can get home and crop! ) A big question I have is do I want dental and vision? There are about a billion options through the MNsure marketplace and I just don't know how to know or decide which are good or bad plans. They range from about $130/mo-way higher with deductibles around $6500-$3200 and out of pocket minimums all over the place. I currently have Medica through Wisconsin Insurance and it's honestly not great so I don't love that option. Any tips? It's greatly appreciated, and thanks! submitted by /u/sprouttherainbow [link] [comments]

08:00 Sun 28
Star Health IPO: 10 things to know about issue of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala-backed insurance company
OPEN CLOSE DATES:The three-day initial public offering (IPO) will open on November 30 and to conclude on December 2.

20:14 Sun 28
Hedging in this era
Given that any negative COVID news will cause the market to down. Have any of you guys started looking at certain stocks to hedge? I.e. CLX gapped up and has no resistance now, closest support is 168. I know Pfizer is still a good pickup, but what about health insurance companies? submitted by /u/smash-grab-loot [link] [comments]

07:19 Sun 28
Why Penny Stocks Fail, Here are Few Reasons
Why Penny Stocks Fail, Here are Few Reasons Penny stocks normally allude to securities issued by small-cap organizations that exchange at under $5 a share. Penny stocks resemble a place of cards: the system is delicate and the structure can go down at any minute. Albeit enticing in light of the fact that they are … Continue reading 'Why Penny Stocks Fail, Here are Few Reasons'

05:07 Sun 28
Is it worth it to enroll in Obamacare for the 3 months before I get employer insurance?
I have been wanting to get ADHD meds for ages now. I was about to do it when I was on my previous employer's insurance, but then I quit that job and got a new one last week, and now I have to wait the 3 months before I get to be on the new employer's insurance. Is it worth it to sign up during the Obamacare open enrollment time and get started on a proper diagnosis/medication for the first time since I was about 10 or should I wait until those 3 months are up? (I am not in any sort of dire need of medication, it's just something that kept getting put off due to various things like being laid off during covid cuts last year etc and I'd like to actually do it finally.) submitted by /u/JeSuisGourde [link] [comments]

08:40 Sun 28
Two IPOs to hit market next week to raise Rs 7,868 crore
Two companies Star Health and Allied Insurance Company and Tega Industries are set to float their initial public offerings (IPOs) next week to cumulatively raise Rs 7,868 crore.

59m ago
Nappy manufacturers shift focus in China from infants to elderly

22:43 Sun 28
Aetna out of network reimbursement
Hi all, I have Aetna insurance, and I see a therapist who doesn't accept Aetna. Her sessions cose $85/hour and I've been paying it out of pocket. Is there a way I could get a partial reimbursement from in insurance? If so, does anyone have any idea how to go about doing this? I'm poking around the Aetna online portal and am not having luck. Thanks! K submitted by /u/kwakim [link] [comments]

20:00 Sun 28
3 reasons why hospitals & health systems struggle with asset management
While overall spending may not yet correspond to the totality of the cybersecurity threat landscape, asset management has emerged as a primary area of opportunity for hospitals and healthcare systems to invest in as they up their cybersecurity game and put greater emphasis on risk reduction.

19:46 Sun 28
There's no crunch to this fried chicken. A $410 gadget that softens food is helping Japan's elderly regain a sense

1h ago
Nappy manufacturers shift focus in China from infants to elderly
Market for adults could exceed that for babies by 2025 as population ages, say analysts

mothership sg
15:51 Sun 28
Elderly tailgating cyclist falls after colliding into carpark gantry at Old Airport Road Food Centre
He appeared to be tailgating the van.

20:00 Sun 28
Almost half of health care workers are not doctors and nurses. Health policies must address their burnout too.
Vaccination rates are climbing, and COVID-19 cases are decreasing. While this is surely a relief to most of us, many health care workers are bracing themselves for a significant post-pandemic fallout. Far from getting a much-needed reprieve from an emotionally and physically draining 20 months, these professionals will be forced to work under similar strain Read more Almost half of health care workers are not doctors and nurses. Health policies must address their burnout too. originally appeared in .

16:46 Sat 27
South Africa health minister calls travel bans on country amid Omicron variant fears 'unjustified': report
'Covid-19 is a global health emergency. We must work together, not punish each other,' South Africa's Health MinisterJoe Phaahla said Friday.

16:44 Sun 28
Top 10 Applications of Data Science In the Insurance Sector
The amount of data generated every single day is something that goes beyond our imagination. The data generated has significance and can be transformed in a manner that is useful. The post Top 10 Applications of Data Science In the Insurance Sector appeared first on .

01:34 Sat 27
Health Innovators: Healthware Groups Roberto Ascione
pharmaphorums founder, Dr Paul Tunnah, continues his Health Innovators video series, in discussion with digital health visionary Roberto Ascione, from Healthware Group.In the first in person video interview in the series, Paul speaks with Roberto live from the Frontiers Health conference in Milan, where he was again chairing the event and announcing the release of [...]

03:24 Fri 26
7 Reasons Why Your Business Cant Afford to Ignore Mobile Marketing
Back in the day when the internet was only available via a desktop, mobile marketing was unheard of. Most businesses stuck to tried and tested methods, sending out leaflets and posting ads in the press. These days, marketers are able to reach vast global audiences with the click of a mouse and mobile advertising has […] The post 7 Reasons Why Your Business Cant Afford to Ignore Mobile Marketing appeared first on Just Web World .

abc net au
22:08 Sun 28
Elderly couple rescued amid 5,000 calls for help as floods worsen in NSW
Emergency crews rescue 13 people in 24 hours as authorities warn swollen rivers will continue to rise in flood-stricken areas of NSW, despite rain easing off.

01:49 Sat 27
The Mental Health Crisis Is Growing. Is Technology One Possible Solution?
Discussions surrounding mental health have never been more prominent or vital. After a chaotic two years amidst a global pandemic, rising consumer costs, and a fluid global economic climate, people are exhausted. But societal mental health was taking a toll even prior to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. Statistic after statistic has unequivocally illustrated increasing rates [...]

16:40 Sun 28
Please help me choose at 2022 plan (Florida)
I just turned 26 and have to search on healthcare .gov for a new plan as I will not be on my parents' insurance anymore starting January. I have no idea where to start as we have always been covered by my father's job's plan. My job does not have health care benefits. I am generally healthy, usually do not go to the doctor, but would like the option to if needed. I have asthma. Here is what I narrowed it down to: ​ AvMed Entrust Bronze 625 Dental and Vision $365.88 premium, $0 deductible, $8350 out of pocket max, $70 primary care Tier 1, $140 specialist, $25 tier 1 generic drugs, a hospital stay is $3000 copay a day, energency room $1850 - I have never heard of this insurance before? Has anyone else? My Blue Bronze 2129- $339.29 premium $0 dedutcible, $8700 out of pocket, PCP no charge tier 1, $20 Specialist, $25 generic drugs, $3000 per day copay hopsital stay, no vision and dental, Emergency room $1100 My Blue Silver 1710- $409.15 premium, $6200 deductible, $8550 out of pocket max, PCP no charge, Specialist $20, generic drugs $30, hospital stay 10% coinsurance after deductible, no vision or dental, Emergency room $600 - Why is the deductible higher for a silver plan than bronze? BlueCare Bronze 2159- premium $491, deductible $0, Out of pocket max $8700, PCP no charge, specialist $20, generic drugs $30, emergency room $900, hospital stay $3000 copayment per day - more than I would like to pay in premium costs Any advise? submitted by /u/Default_Username5 [link] [comments]