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17:10 Sat 23
Democrats Set to Scale Back Drug-Price Ambitions in Bidens Bill

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2h ago
Democrats say they are the party of science but their drug price plans tell a different story
The Democrats like to present themselves as the party of science, but two recent announcements show just how ignorant they are about how science moves from the lab into our medicine cabinet.

15:25 Sun 28
From moves you can make now to cut this year's tax bill to a look at the proposed changes in Bidens budget bill, f

15:25 Sun 28
These provisions will likely stick once President Bidens budget bill is passed.

18:58 Sat 27
Rogers Fires Back at Telus, Bell at CRTC Hearing Over Shaw Deal
RCI says Bell and Telus have 'consistently advocated for the notion of scale for themselves, but have now decided that scale is a bad thing when it comes to Rogers and Shaw.' Continue reading Rogers Fires Back at Telus, Bell at CRTC Hearing Over Shaw Deal at iPhone in Canada Blog.

19:14 Sun 28
Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Resistance at $4350 Intact, Will Bulls Step Back In Soon?
Ethereum failed to produce any considerable gains and reverse the currently negative price momentum. Will the bulls step back in soon?
05:09 Sun 28
Will they build back green?
This is an extract from my latest book Build Back Green We live in revolutionary times. A movement to harness the state to root carbon out of our lives has now entrenched itself in government as the prevailing policy. Joe Bidens America joins hands with the European Union in declaring war on carbon dioxide. A…

4h ago
Biden's socialist Build Back Better bolstering IRS to 'spy' on Americans' bank accounts: Mace
A Republican congresswoman from South Carolina says President Bidens Build Back Better plan includes $80 billion in funding to hire some 89,000 more IRS agents, who will be tasked with spying on Americans/ bank accounts like socialistic countries around the world do.

13:46 Sun 28
Could Roche Put a Crinkle in Biogen's Alzheimer's Drug Launch?
The Swiss pharma needs to get its drug approved first.
05:09 Sun 28
New patent expiration for Allergan drug OZURDEX
Annual Drug Patent Expirations for OZURDEX Ozurdex is a drug marketed by Allergan and is included in one NDA. It is available from one supplier. There are eight patents protecting The post New patent expiration for Allergan drug OZURDEX appeared first... The post New patent expiration for Allergan drug OZURDEX appeared first on Biotechblog .

16:00 Sun 28
Why the Build Back Better Act is an investment, not a cost
The original Build Back Better Act proposed various provisions to improve Americans’ lives, including two years of free community college, child care assistance, and investments in clean energy. The steep price taghas led many to question whether or not we can afford to spend so much. But as a pulmonary and critical care physician at Read more Why the Build Back Better Act is an investment, not a cost originally appeared in .

11:53 Sun 28
President Joe Bidens Schedule for Sunday, November 28, 2021
by R. Mitchell - Summary: PresidentJoe Biden returns to the White House Sunday after 6 days at a posh 13,000 square foot mansion he borrowed for the Thanksgiving holiday. President Joe Bidens Itineraryfor 11/28/21 ALL TIMES EST 12:25 PM Depart Nantucket en route to the White House2:15 PM (estimated) Arrive at the White House … President Joe Bidens Schedule for Sunday, November 28, 2021 is posted on Conservative Daily News - Where Americans go for news, current events and commentary they can trust - Conservative News Website for U.S. News, Political Cartoons and more.

18:00 Sat 27
Democrats Struggle to Energize Their Base as Frustrations Mount
Even as President Biden achieves some significant victories, Democrats are warning that many of their most loyal supporters see inaction and broken campaign promises.

21:22 Sun 28
BABA bagholders do you still have hope?
My average cost of BABA shares is around $177. Its around 13% of the portfolio and currently at a price of 133 down around 25%. I believe in BABA eventually coming back to 300+ BUT i don't think its going to come back fast enough to justify being capital locked for the number of years i would potentially have to wait to make the investment worthwhile. If i sold now i would have to take around 15k loss- it hurts but i hate looking at the position... especially on something i don't believe in anymore. Anyone else in a similar situation? submitted by /u/Lsaone [link] [comments]

19:37 Sat 27
Oil/ng price action on Friday
How come we saw oil and natural gas prices move so violently in opposite directions on Friday? Im new to commodities/energy investing. In fact Im not even trading, just educating myself at this point. But I thought that oil and gas normally correlate positively, and that makes sense to me. Also, was the oil dump due more to the covid variant news, or Bidens announcement about opening up U.S. reserves? submitted by /u/stvbckwth [link] [comments]

theimaginativeconservative org
20:56 Sun 28
The Marxist Worldview Behind the Spending Bill
Government programs cannot restore broken families and shattered communities. Only a moral regeneration of non-economic values can do this. The ravages of loneliness, despair, and suicide must be addressed by filling the spiritual voids that haunt peoples livesand not by issuing government checks. The fight over the latest spending package is raging. Democrats are intent [...]

15:00 Sat 27
What looks better to credit bureaus- paying off only the minimum due or paying off the whole bill?
I'm working on fixing my credit. I use my credit card for gas and small purchases. I've heard various bits of advice regarding when you pay your bill and how much. Some people say to pay off the bill in full as soon as the transaction hits the account. Others say to pay the entire amount before the due date. Others yet, say to pay only the minimum due so it's reported to the credit bureaus that you're using the card. I don't have a large bill on my credit card. Full balance is $100 and minimum due is $20. Any advice is appreciated! submitted by /u/purple_buffalo5678 [link] [comments]

18:17 Sun 28
Unlike Gozer, Ghostbusters: The Video Games multiplayer isnt ever coming back
Back when Ghostbusters: The Video Game - Remastered released in 2019 it was an entirely single-player experience, despite the original game shipping with a co-op multiplayer component. At the time, there was talk about releasing a multiplayer update later - however, two years later developer Saber Interactive has now finally confirmed that it's definitely not happening. Ghostbusters: The Video Game released in June 2009 to fan acclaim, especially as it brought back the voices of all four Ghostbusters - Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Ernie Hudson, and even Harold Ramis, who passed away shortly afterward. While the PC version was a little stripped down the PS3/360 versions featured a cooperative multiplayer mode. Fans were hopeful that when the Remastered version was announced by Saber Interactive in2019 it would bring back this multiplayer component, including to PC, the game shipped without it - due to finding multiple copies of the multiplayer code with no way to tell which was the final product. At the time, Saber said it was 'in the process of evaluating the situation' and deciding whether to bring back the multiplayer as an update. View the full site

16:10 Sun 28
Drug Sniffing Dogs: How Accurate Are They? Can They Smell Your Weed And Hash?
By The Fresh Toast 's Rudy Sanchez, provided exclusively to Benzinga Cannabis . Some factors, such as breed and environment, can considerably lower the performance of dogs enlisted to serve in the war on drugs. In retelling a story about being stopped by police while trafficking narcotics in 1994, Mr. Shawn Carter, better known as Jay-Z, describes a conversation where he tells the racial-profiling officer he does not consent to a search of his vehicle. The officer then calls for a drug detecting drug, and now that dog becomes one of Mr. Carter’s 99 problems. But a nosey dog finding Hova’s hidden drugs was far from certain. According to research conducted on the efficacy of drug sniffing canines, some factors, such as breed and environment, ... Full story available on

19:52 Sun 28
Is Biden doing enough to shape his own story?
'I think it's quite clear that Biden should be out in front of cameras more often,' Magdi Semrau says. 'He should do more town halls and he should be attaching his face to his agenda.' But 'it's still the media's job to tell the public what's in the' Build Back Better bill, she adds. Chris Arnade and Susan Glasser also join the conversation.

00:03 Sun 28
Do price targets on Tipranks even have limits imposed?
I was watching price targets set by various analysts and noticed that some analysts have absurdly unrealistic and high-value prices for a particular stock, which ended up screwing the average price targets set by most of the other analysts combined. For example, let's say 1st analyst sets the price to $30, 2nd analyst sets the price to $60, and the last analyst sets the price to $1,000,000. The last analyst value really is a major outlier that screws up the average. So, is there a limit on the price set by analysts on tipranks or can any value be set up to Infiniti? submitted by /u/Gary0915 [link] [comments]

14:16 Sun 28
Trial of Jazz cannabis drug in glioblastoma will start next year
An investigator-led trial of Jazz Pharma’s cannabis extract-based drug Sativex in glioblastoma an aggressive form of brain The post Trial of Jazz’ cannabis drug in glioblastoma will start next year appeared first on .
06:37 Sun 28
Parliament Winter Session: Centre to table Bill to repeal farm laws in Lok Sabha tomorrow
The Bill states that though 'only a small group of farmers are protesting' against these legislations, the need of the hour is to take along everyone for inclusive growth.

14:40 Sun 28
Grab the Moto G Power (2021) for its lowest price ever on Cyber Monday
Samsung and Google aren't the only companies offering the best Cyber Monday deals on Android phones. With smartphones more expensive than ever, it's always wise to try to get one at a discount whenever possible. If you happen to prefer Motorola over the other brands, you'll be happy to know that the Moto G Power is on sale for Cyber Monday. You can now grab an unlocked 32GB Moto G Power for only $170, down $30 from its usual price of $200. And if you don't think that's enough storage for you, for a little extra (just $10) you can upgrade to the 64GB model. Both are unlocked by the carrier and sport its 48MP camera on the back. Moto G Power | $30 off $170 at Amazon The Moto G Power has a 6.6-inch Max Vision HD+ display and a 48MP camera on the back to get all of the perfect shots. It boasts a three-day battery life thanks to its 5,000mAh battery, and it comes packed with the 2020 Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor. Since it's unlocked, you're free to choose whichever carrier yo...

10:00 Sun 28
'A huge lift': Biden's bet on child care is closer to reality but could it boost expenses for some?
Biden's social infrastructure bill could make child care more affordable for many. But the Build Back Better Act could also raise prices for others.          

2h ago
How to thrive as a mid-life woman in the creative industries
After overcoming ageist setbacks in their careers, two friends kickstarted training programmes with international ambitions

18:25 Sun 28
Newcastle Uniteds Ambitions Are A Test For The Fan-Led Review Proposals
English soccer is facing the biggest overhaul since 1992 when the Premier League was formed.

bbci co uk
22:43 Sun 28
Iran nuclear deal: What key players want from talks
The competing ambitions of the countries involved make success a long shot, writes Jonathan Marcus.

20:27 Sat 27
Doctors Raise Red Flag! New Overdose Wave Fueled By Fentanyl Combining With Other Narcotics!
Several drug abuse and addiction researchers, doctors, and public health officials are concerned about a growing trend among overdose victims that appears to indicate the onset of a new and different wave of the opioid epidemic, as evidenced by the spike in drug overdose deaths this year and last year. While it seems loneliness and the obstacles of the coronavirus epidemic have fueled that drug usage, many experts believe that the combination of fentanyl and other narcotics has fueled the new overdose wave in part. GO AD-FREE! SUPPORT OUR WRITERS WITH AN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION More than 100,000 people died from

19:21 Sun 28
GOP Rep. blasts Democrats for border crisis: 'Leadership in Congress needs to change'
Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-Texas, slammed the Democrats on 'Fox News Live' for failing to mitigate the border crisis.

05:16 Sun 28
Democrats Scramble To Find Partys Message For Midterms Strategist Says: Too Late. Were F***ed
As America heads into the holiday season, not much is going to happen in Washington. When the holiday season is over, we are going to enter the 2022 midterm season. Democrats are in a panic because even though they have passed legislation, Americans are not feeling the benefits of any of it. The party has… The post Democrats Scramble To Find Party’s Message For Midterms – Strategist Says: ‘Too Late. We’re F***ed’ appeared first on The Gateway Pundit .