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07:33 Sun 24
#Opinion: The Americans mock #EmptyShelvesJoe, but what lies beneath the crisis of empty shelves and the supply cha

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15:51 Sun 28
Worried About Empty Store Shelves? Here Are the 5 Commodities That Will Be Hardest To Find
Panicked purchasing, empty store shelves, long lines at the gas stationgiven supply chain woes, is that America for the foreseeable future? Yes and no, said... The post Worried About Empty Store Shelves? Here Are the 5 Commodities That Will Be Hardest To Find appeared first on SciTechDaily .

06:42 Sun 28
Beneath these elegant homes in D.C. lies an affordable housing option: the English basement (from September 2021)

warehousenews co uk
17:23 Sun 28
IPP pledges to prevent empty running to cut carbon emissions
Leading pallet pool provider IPP has pledged to play its part in preventing empty running by launching an educational campaign targeting UK hauliers, retailers and the entire supply chain within the FMCG markets. The campaign, called Its Whats Inside That Matters has been developed alongside the many other collaborative solutions IPP offers, but focuses on [...] The post IPP pledges to prevent empty running to cut carbon emissions first appeared on Warehouse & Logistics News .

4h ago
Empty Set Dollar Price Down 7.5% This Week (ESD)
Empty Set Dollar (CURRENCY:ESD) traded 0.5% higher against the dollar during the 24-hour period ending at 21:00 PM ET on November 28th. One Empty Set Dollar coin can currently be purchased for approximately $0.0215 or 0.00000037 BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges. Empty Set Dollar has a total market capitalization of $9.58 million and $73,656.00 worth of […]

04:11 Sun 28
#Opinion: There is a worrying humanitarian crisis across Afghanistan. There's been a total liquidity crisis. Banks

17:20 Sun 28
Opinion: Some Western media outlets jumped on an airport project in Uganda to hype up the debt trap lies again, b

10:56 Sun 28
Turkeys currency crisis is of Erdogans making | opinion

news google
00:43 Sun 28
Black Friday Deals Impacted By Supply Chain Crisis - NBC News
Black Friday Deals Impacted By Supply Chain Crisis    NBC News Black Friday 2021: Shoppers hit stores again, with in-store sales increasing 42.9% from a year ago    KABC-TV Black Friday is not what it used to be    Japan Today Sacramento small businesses ready for holiday season but worried about product shipments    KCRA News Black Friday is back but it's not what it used to be

01:02 Sun 28
The supply chain crisis means last-minute gift buyers may have little choice but to go shopping the old-fashioned w

12:31 Sun 28
Nws | Supply chain crisis is so bad people are turning to bots to buy everything from electronics to toys
Bots were already popular with sneaker buyers, but now they're becoming more common among other tech-savvy consumers, too.

19:13 Sun 28
Trump, Electoral Fraud Lies, and the Primaries
Our system and the shaping of the GOP's future. The post Trump, Electoral Fraud Lies, and the Primaries first appeared on Outside the Beltway .

17:51 Sun 28
The supply-chain crisis is 'shifting the perception of used' as shoppers turn to secondhand goods amid shipping delays and shortages
'Why wait three months to find my dresser when I could just go pick it up tomorrow?' one Facebook Marketplace seller told Insider.

18:27 Sat 27
How The Banking Crisis And Covid Lockdowns Killed Money Velocity (Death Of King Dollar)
byconfoundedinterest17 I have written numerous times about nothing has been the same since the housing bubble burst and ensuing financial crisis of 2008. The crisis led tobank bailouts (TARP)andbanking legislation

2h ago
2021: The Media Lies are getting Bigger and Bigger
2021: The Media Lies are getting Bigger and Bigger — Reminiscences of an American Capitalist (@4Awesometweet) November 29, 2021

19:26 Sun 28
Here are the deadlines for sending your holiday gifts to ensure they arrive in time, according to the United States Postal Service
The recommended dates come amid an especially turbulent holiday shopping season marked by the impacts of the global supply chain crisis.

indynews org
10:40 Sun 28
Supply Chain Issues and Inferior Technology Negatively Impacting Coronavirus Fight
| Posted: Nov 28, 2021 12:01 AM The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Many Americans have found great comfort in getting vaccinated against Covid-19. Whether you are for vaccination or not, most people will agree Covid-19 is going to be part of our landscape […]

19:14 Sun 28
RT @Snowden: 'What you have is a government inside a government, an undemocratic apparatus making all of the decisions beneath a shell of d

17:41 Sun 28
Opinion: The deep meaning of this year's Hanukkah
Like millions of other Americans, I am bewildered and frustrated by the inequities and abuses of freedom that have defined our current moment. Our collective brokenness, exemplified by the acquittal (and by some, celebration) of Kyle Rittenhouse and the racism on display in the trial of the men convicted of killing Ahmaud Arbery, casts a darkness that at times has nearly overwhelmed me. Lately, when that happens, I look to my Hanukkah menorah standing on my bookshelf, awaiting its role in the upcoming holiday.

06:18 Sun 28
Why was IKEA struggling to keep its shelves stocked and its phones answered? From @1843mag

6h ago
What do you do daily as a supply chain analyst?
Basically the title. I know supply chain analyst is a very broad term within SCM, but I'm curious what the supply chain analyst role entails for different people. submitted by /u/trainingPtarmigan [link] [comments]

16:59 Sun 28
Black Friday reports show a drop in online sales, as in-store traffic rebounds from last year but fails to reach pre-pandemic levels
Reports show a mixed performance for the annual shopping holiday, as retailers struggled because of factors including the supply chain crisis and labor shortage.

13:27 Sun 28
Americans Sound Off Against Biden in New Poll, And Things Don't Get Any Better When Trump Is Added to the Mix
A new poll finds not too many Americans are eager to put a Biden 2024 sign on the their front lawns, while adding to the drumbeat of polls saying that […] The post Americans Sound Off Against Biden in New Poll, And Things Don't Get Any Better When Trump Is Added to the Mix appeared first on The Western Journal .

08:32 Sun 28
Why Are Blue-Collar Americans Dying of Despair?
A Q&A with economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton on how disappearing low-wage jobs and the decline offamily life fueled theopioid epidemic and why politicians are still failingworking-class Americans.

09:27 Sun 28
Nws | A rare Roman mosaic was discovered buried beneath a farmer's field in the UK
The rare mosaic depicts scenes from Homer's 'The Iliad' and it was found by the family that owns the landduring lockdown last year.
13:04 Sun 28
Americans owe a total of more than $1.7T in outstanding student loans and more than 40M Americans who have federal

15:33 Sun 28
UK: Motorway Services To Install Battery Packs To Help With Fast Charging
The 'energy storage systems' will help supply rapid charging in locations where the grid supply is not up to snuff.

18:06 Sun 28
Fauci Raises Concerns And Red Flags About Future Of Covid Crisis
Dr. Anthony Faucis interview on CBS's 'Face the Nation' provides corporate executives with important lessons on how to explain a crisis to the media and the public and respond to a reporter's questions about it.

02:47 Sun 28
Judge Jeanine tells Americans how to stop Democrats from releasing violent criminals from prison
Judge Jeanine tells Americans to focus on down-ballot races in the coming elections to keep progressive legislators out of office.

bbci co uk
14:10 Sun 28
Migrant crisis: Lack of co-operation will lead to worse scenes in Channel, warns Priti Patel
Her remarks comes as Europe ministers meet to discuss migrant crisis without the UK home secretary.

07:00 Sun 28
Hundreds of thousands of empty shipping containers are piled up in Southern California, tying up scarce trucking eq