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15:00 Sun 28
Crypto Stamp Crashes Swiss Posts Online Store With Launch Day Demand
Unexpectedly high demand for Switzerland’s first crypto stamp has created headaches for the national postal service. Swiss Post announced it had to deal with technical issues when numerous orders hit its online shop all at once on the day the innovative offering was made available. Demand for First Crypto Stamp Overwhelms Swiss Post’s Online […]

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17:39 Sun 16
Walmart Filed Documents to Launch a Cryptocurrency and Join the Metaverse (Report)
The giant store chain Walmart has made several filings indicating plans to enter the metaverse, launch its own crypto and NFTs.

6h ago
Square Launches On-Demand Delivery for Canadas Food-and-Beverage Industry
TORONTO Square has launched on-demand delivery for Square Online orders in Canada through DoorDash Drive, a white-label fulfillment platform. Canada is Squares first international market to offer on-demand delivery since its U.S. launch in 2020. Now, food-and-beverage businesses can provide third-party delivery with no commission fee. Wilson Shin, owner of Katsupan Japanese Sandwich in […] The post Square Launches On-Demand Delivery for Canadas Food-and-Beverage Industry appeared first on Foodservice and Hospitality Magazine .

news google
12:00 Sun 16
Bitcoin crashes the midterms - POLITICO
Bitcoin crashes the midterms    POLITICO In the War Between Crypto Companies And Regulators, Everyone Loses - Benzinga    Benzinga View Full Coverage on Google News

10:31 Sun 16
You Can Now Hold Physical Swiss Gold On The Ethereum Blockchain
SEBA Bank, through the Ethereum blockchain, is launching a new cryptocurrency that enables investors to own physical gold stored in Swiss vaults. The Swiss banks new digital coin exists as an ERC-20 … Read Full Story at source (may require registration) The post You Can Now Hold Physical Swiss Gold On The Ethereum Blockchain appeared first on ForexTV .
bitcoinwarrior net
13:48 Sun 16
onPlanet Announces a Game-Changing Crypto Ecosystem for DeFi Wealth Creation
onPlanet announces the launch of their native token – $OP – an innovation driver for unleashing crypto-based economies across the globe. The onPlanet dApp is an ecosystem envisioned by seasoned tech professionals for crypto enthusiasts, creators, and investors to connect and grow the industry. With the onPlanet dApp, crypto projects and digital creators scale to […]

17:00 Sun 16
Dress Up Like the Shinra Mascot Stamp in FFVII The First Soldier
Dress up as the good boy who never stops helping. The post Dress Up Like the Shinra Mascot Stamp in FFVII The First Soldier appeared first on Siliconera .

21:42 Sun 16
SECs Gensler On How Securities Laws Apply to Cryptocurrencies
Gary Gensler is back, and guess what? Crypto users might have to brace tighter for what he has in store for them in 2022. Speaking to CNBC earlier last week, the SEC chairman vowed to deal with the crypto wild west, stepping up 2021s regulation efforts through the enactment of laws and scrutiny structures. Gensler […]

05:39 Sun 16
App launcing anxiety.... Seeking advice...
I have just completed my first ever Android App. Took 9 months to build! Fuuuh. Now I want to launch it but I am hesitant after viewing a video from Udemy ( ) which says: You only have one shot to launch your app! Make sure everything is ok! On the first day, first week and first month your App is launched, Google will access the worthiness of your App. They will then SEO you based on user response . If you don't get many downloads/engagements in these first few days of launch, you will be put at the bottom of the SEO. This is my first ever app. So I want to get it right. Should I be worried? Any advice please? Like to hear your experience as well. Thanks ​ BTW the app is available for open testing at submitted by /u/RenSanders [link] [comments]

19:18 Sat 15
Future of Mobile Apps: Top 5 Trends That Will Dominate in 2022
The current mobile devices are based on mobile applications. Imagine a device like a phone or a tablet is useless without the various apps. If we go by the data, there are over 5 million apps on the Google App store right now. With the growth of online businesses, the demand for mobile applications is […] The post Future of Mobile Apps: Top 5 Trends That Will Dominate in 2022 appeared first on Fincyte .

12:31 Sun 16
Bitcoin crashes the midterms
Candidates are staking out positions on cryptocurrency, scrambling party lines and fanning fundraising concerns. Read Full Story The post Bitcoin crashes the midterms appeared first on ForexTV .

6h ago
OOOOO Entertainment Commerce Launches AGORACOM Platform For Online Marketing And Verified Discussion Forum For Clean Social Media Engagement
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OOOOO Entertainment Commerce Limited (' OOOOO ' or the ' Company ') (OOOO:TSXV), a mobile commerce platform, announces the launch of a 12-month online marketing campaign through AGORACOM for the purposes of creating brand awareness for those that would be specifically interested in the Company's business model, as well as providing the Company with the ability to engage all shareholders on its moderated and verified platform. The Company is paying $0 in cash for the program due to AGORACOM's cashless shares for services program. SIGNIFICANT OOOOO EXPOSURE THROUGH AGORACOM NETWORK AGORACOM has agreed to provide OOOOO with significant exposure to small cap investors through its industry leading digital network which includes all social media channels and its award winning site, ranked in the top 0.15% of all sites in the world by Amazon's Alexa website ranker. In 2019, AGORACOM surpassed 600 million page views, exceeded industry engagement metrics by over 400% while serving over 350 public companies. In 2021, as the industry's only verified Twitter account, AGORACOM surpassed 13 million impressions with an engagement rate 260% above industry standards, while its' YouTube channel generated 3.6 million minutes of videos viewed by small cap investors. LAUNCH OF OOOOO 'VERIFIED' DISCUSSION FORUM AGORACOM has launched 'Verified' Discussion Forums, the first and only forums that provide verification of posts made by small cap company officials, as well as moderation of posts made by small cap investors, resulting in the highest level of engagement between companies and their investors. With social media discussion of small cap stocks expanding rapidly across multiple platforms such as Twitter, Discord and unmoderated small cap forums, engagement between management and shareholders has become impossible to manage. AGORACOM Verified Forums provide companies and their investors with a centralized platform that is specifically built to facilitate high quality engagement through civil, constructive and factual posts, all of which are shareable on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. OOOOO shareholders and prospective investors will be able to easily identify management and company officials with an AGORACOM checkmark next to their profile pictures on the OOOOO Verified Forum which can be found at There are no log-in requirements for investors to read posts. Investors wishing to post questions, comments and interact with OOOOO can quickly log-in using their Facebook or LinkedIn ... Full story available on

7h ago
7 in Swiss trial over protest against quarry expansion
Seven activists have gone on trial in Switzerland on charges including trespassing and resisting arrest over their roles in a campsite protest against the expansion of a limestone quarry in rolling Swiss countryside

warehousenews co uk
16:34 Sun 16
Supply chain reliability has never been more critical to a businesss success
For omnichannel retailers shifting shoppers to their online channels, they face a profitability challenge and a loyalty challenge. With fewer barriers to exit, shoppers have been showing that they are much more readily prepared to switch between retailers online compared to when they were previously shopping in-store. Retailers are still struggling to personalise online services [...] The post Supply chain reliability has never been more critical to a businesss success first appeared on Warehouse & Logistics News .

18:39 Sun 16
PS3 Games Are Popping up on the PS5 Store
Past rumours have claimed that Sony is planning to launch a subscription service this year that will also include PS3 backward compatibility.

14h ago
Weekly Promo and Webinar Thread
Vendors, please put self-promoting posts or webinar information in this thread. Threads that are posted elsewhere will be removed. Please do not use URL shorteners. Reddit doesn't like these and your posts will be automatically removed by the auto moderator. Only include direct posts to your site. It's fine to post if you did last week - if the group doesn't want to see it again, your comment will just get downvoted :) submitted by /u/AutoModerator [link] [comments]

6h ago
Online Credit Card Applications: what should I be wary of?
I have been trying to work up the courage to apply for some secured credit cards online. My credit is around 610 right now because I have closed old store credit cards and only have loan history (at least, that is according to the recommendations of the credit reports I received). My bank does not have a credit card I can get with my score so I looked into secured credit cards and was recommended I apply for a Discover IT secured credit card and Credit Builder card ( ). The Discover card, I feel kind of okay applying to but worry about being declined but the Credit Builder card kinda sounds too good to be true and I don't know anyone personally who has it. I've pulled up the applications several times but have a lot of hesitation in using online applications to get cards. I'm worried about my information being stolen and have just not applied. I currently know someone dealing with their identity being stolen and worry online credit card applications could lead to that. I don't even save my debit card information when buying things online and barely shop online unless with a gift card. Is there any advice you could give to me to help me figure out what I should look out for? I'm pretty sure it's just nerves but if I knew what I should look out for that could help me feel better about just doing it. Thank you for any and all responses. submitted by /u/NoHelicopter1312 [link] [comments]

8h ago
BTS V Sets Record for Social Media Reactions, First Asian Who Has 4 Posts On Instagram With Over 17 Million Likes
Kim Taehyung aka BTS V has done it again. Whether it’s music or being the most popular South Korean singer, the BTS member always makes sure to be at the top. BTS V is now the first Asian to have multiple posts with over 17 Million likes on his Instagram posts. The list also includes […] The post BTS V Sets Record for Social Media Reactions, First Asian Who Has 4 Posts On Instagram With Over 17 Million Likes appeared first on OtakuKart .

01:30 Sun 16
Landing page for product validation
Hi everyone, I have a product idea I want to validate: a folding gaming chair. A little context on my idea: I live in a small condo, and my sofa is far from my TV. So if I want to fully enjoy playing on my PS5, I need to bring a kitchen chair in front of my TV, and it's not very comfortable. This led me to an idea: A folding gaming chair that would be comfortable for gaming, robust and foldable. Oh, it needs to have a cup holder for my beer (and a wine glass holder). Finally, I can easily fold it and store it, so it is not annoying for my wife and baby when I'm done gaming. I already have sketches of my chair and a manufacturer ready to work with me. Now, my idea is to create a landing page where I would show the prototype of my product to gather feedback to see if there is demand. At the same time, I would use that process to collect emails and potentially traction for my launch. My question: What do you guys think is the best platform to create a landing page to validate a product and gather emails? Should I start right away on Shopify and create a pre-launch landing page? Or should I use another platform and later merge to Shopify to sell my product? Also, do you guys have any examples of good product validation landing pages? I am open to any suggestions or tips! Thanks submitted by /u/Frankkr [link] [comments]

17:57 Sun 16
Exohood Launches Its Own Merch Store!
Exohood has been around for over nine months, and a vibrant community has built up around the site. Many fans keep coming back for long discussions about launching our merchandise store. This year, as this was already part of our Whitepaper V1, we have finished it and officially launched our merchandising store. You can find […]

07:41 Sat 15
FTX will launch a $2 billion Web3 venture capital fund led by Amy Wu
Given FTXs primary business, its no surprise that FTX Ventures will largely focus on crypto and blockchain industry investments. Wu told Decrypt that FTX Ventures is particularly excited about Web3 gaming, as well as consumer and social Web3 applications. She also cited both layer-1 and layer-2 blockchain platforms as potential targets, along with blockchain infrastructure and cross-chain protocols, plus wallet payment applications. In other words, itll be a wide-ranging fund within the crypto space, with plans for geographic diversity, including potential investments in startups from Latin America, Africa, and beyond. Wu previously led Lightspeeds own investment into FTX, plus FTX and Lightspeed teamed with Solana Ventures last November to launch a $100 million Web3 gaming co-investment fund. In working with FTX founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried , who she described as an extraordinary CEO, Wu began to see the potential benefits of joining the rising firm. On top of FTX Ventures, Wu will also lead FTXs gaming business. Gaming was a big focus for Wu at Lightspeed. In addition to the aforementioned co-investment fund, Lightspeed also invested in Fortnite creator Epic Games and Slipgate developer 1047 Games, among others. In less than three years, FTX has rapidly become one of the most valuable and best-known companies in crypto. Wu isnt worried that its rocketship-like ascent will slow anytime soon. What areas of the blockchain and crypto industry should FTX Ventures focus on? submitted by /u/samboboev [link] [comments]

13h ago
DAO: The Next Big Trend for the Crypto Industry in 2022
DAO might become the next big opportunity for entrepreneurs in 2022. Over the past couple of years, crypto fanatics have collectively poured over their money to gain maximized profits. Crypto The post DAO: The Next Big Trend for the Crypto Industry in 2022 appeared first on .

09:19 Sun 16
Jan 2024 300 c. Im down by 28%. Its either lambo or food stamp
submitted by /u/segmentfaultError [link] [comments]

23:00 Sun 16
6 Key Crypto Fees Explained & How They Cost You Money
Trading crypto isn't free. But knowing about these fees will make sure you don't lose more than you expect next time you trade your crypto.

13h ago
GARI token listing: Chingari Apps social crypto token to list on OKEx check price, allotment details
Chingari - GARI Token Listing Price, Allotment Details: Crypto exchange OKEx on Monday (January 17, 2022) announced the launch of the GARI token sale on its platform.

news google au
23:04 Sun 16
PS3 games mysteriously appear on PS5 store - The Brag
PS3 games mysteriously appear on PS5 store    The Brag Those PS3 Games On The PlayStation 5 Store Are Probably A Visual Bug    Kotaku Australia PS3 games have started appearing on the PS5 store    Video Games Chronicle PlayStation May Have Just Accidentally Confirmed PS3 Backward Compatibility on PS5 View Full coverage on Google News

06:10 Sun 16
NVS recruitment 2022: Application window open for 1,925 posts in Navodaya Vidyalayas check application process, selection criteria
The candidates will be shortlisted based on their performance in Computer Based Test (CBT) and interviews scheduled for the posts.

16:31 Sun 16
Is anyone here successfully day trading crypto? What app?
Is anyone here a traditional day trader (stocks) that has moved over to crypto? I'm curious if the old day trading techniques actually work in crypto. It's so much more unpredictable and volatile. Also, the fees, my goodness! I can trade all day on TD Ameritrade with no fees, but its truly exhausting to trade in crypto and figure in huge fees, different wallets, etc.. Anyone here doing this successfully? What app or program are you using? How does your experience compare the old school stock day trading? submitted by /u/chris_chris42 [link] [comments]

12:19 Sun 16
Mandaviya launches stamp to mark 1 year of #Covid vaccination drive, says 70% adults fully vaccinated

8h ago
Crypto.Com Becomes the Official Cryptocurrency Partner of the AFL and NAB AFLW has announced that it has signed a five-year partnership agreement with the Australian Football League. With the new partnership, will now be the Official Cryptocurrency Exchange and Official Cryptocurrency Trading Platform of both the Toyota AFL Premiership Season and NAB AFLW competitions. Partners with the AFL a cryptocurrency exchange that claims Read More
19:00 Sun 16
Exly: Empowering creators to build businesses
Exly is a hi-tech platform built for creators and professionals to launch, manage and grow their business online