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Key Financials BCS

Barclays PLC provides various financial services in the United Kingdom, Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. The company operates through two segments, Barclays UK and Barclays International divisions. It offers financial services, such as retail banking, credit cards, wholesale banking, investment banking, wealth management, and investment management services. The company also engages in securities dealing activities. The company was formerly known as Barclays Bank Limited and changed its name to Barclays PLC in January 1985. Barclays PLC was founded in 1690 and is headquartered in London, the United Kingdom.
BCS Barclays PLC ADR 36.266B Financial Services

 B  BCS 7.71 0,0.551,-0.003,0.827,0.551 7.79,7.50,7.44,7.56,7.85,8.27,8.12,7.58,7.51,7.39,7.33,7.56,7.44,7.82,7.83 8.56-9.00 13.85% 267,78,267 6.3 Jul 6-Mar 29 73.20%


The following extracted figures are selected by the AI as the most essential for predicting future price movements. The impact shows the impact of the figure on the share price forecast. Sometimes the impact of an increasing beneficial figure may still be downwards when the increase was smaller than expected. The over figure shows if the actual result was higher or lower than the AI would forecast.

Income statement

. Predection Jun 30,23 Mar 31,23 Dec 31,22 Sep 30,22 Jun 30,22
totalRevenue 5609.0 6285M 7237M 5792M 5951M 6708M
grossProfit 5691.0 6285M 7219M 5792M 5951M 6708M
operatingIncome 1689.0 1942M -23M 1266M 1965M 1459M
. netInterestIncome 1196.0 3270M 3053M 2422M
incomeBeforeTax 1883.0 1964M 2598M 1310M 1969M 1499M
taxProvision 760.0 914M 561M -33M 249M 209M
netIncome 1583.0 1589M 2029M 1321M 1718M 1270M
otherOperatingExpenses 2911.0 3838M 4129M 3868M 3945M 3676M
netIncomeApplicableToCommonShares 2745.0 3111M 1783M 2548M 1512M 1071M

Balance sheet

. Predection Jun 30,23 Mar 31,23 Dec 31,22 Sep 30,22 Jun 30,22
. itotalAssets 128012.0 1549714M 1539050M 1513699M 1726899M 1589230M
totalCurrentAssets 214310.0 252830M 265874M 256351M 257070M 283136M
. cashAndShortTermInvestments 211934.0 252830M 265874M 256351M 257070M 283136M
. cash 192163.0 252830M 265874M 256351M 257070M 283136M
otherAssets 388923.0 492435M 553978M 701796M 603835M 499508M
netInvestedCapital 164243.0 183706M 196418M 250442M 199077M 197404M
netDebt -477.0 -136793M -139155M -72985M -125027M -155359M

Cash Flow

. Predection Jun 30,23 Mar 31,23 Dec 31,22 Sep 30,22 Jun 30,22
. totalCashFromOperatingActivities 13235.0 23911M 30231M 1718M 62254M
. . depreciationAndAmortization 8M 22M 2M 20M
. . . changeToAccountReceivables
. . freeCashFlow 1718M
. incomeTaxExpense. . 351.0 353M 561M -33M 249M 209M

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