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Apax Global Alpha Limited specializes in fund of funds investments. It seeks to invest in public, private debt, and equity investments. Under fund of funds, the fund seeks to invest in private equity funds managed by Apax Partners. It also makes derived investments which are investments in equities and debt derived from the insights gained via Apax' Private Equity activities. It avoids investments in third-party funds. It seeks to invest in sectors, such as technology and telecoms, services, healthcare, and consumer. It prefers to invest in invests in North America, Rest of Europe, the United Kingdom, India, China and Switzerland.
APAX Apax Global Alpha Ltd 0.902B Financial Services

 B  APAX 155.80 0,0.078,-0.631,0.437,0.078 160.17,163.56,165.88,163.68,162.92,168.48,165.04,158.00,156.24,158.56,162.36,155.20,150.84,152.72 180.93-194.03 20.33% 267,159,267 3.6 Jul 5-Mar 28 61.65%
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The following extracted figures are selected by the AI as the most essential for predicting future price movements. The arrows show the how the AI thinks the figure affects the stock price (not the change in the figure)

. operatingIncome  
. . netInterestIncome  
. incomeBeforeTax  
. otherOperatingExpenses  
. netIncomeApplicableToCommonShares 16M  
. reconciledDepreciation  
. netWorkingCapital  
. netInvestedCapital  
. netDebt -86M
. totalCashFromOperatingActivities 26M
. freeCashFlow. .  

Chart APAX

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