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HICL Infrastructure PLC specializes in direct and fund of funds investments. For direct investments, it seeks to invest in infrastructure projects. It invests in project companies which have not yet completed the construction phases of their concessions including project companies which are in the process of bidding for project concessions. The fund also invests project companies with "demand' based concessions and project companies which do not have public sector sponsored/awarded or government backed concessions. It seeks to invest in PFI, PPP, P3, social infrastructure projects, toll roads, bridges, and tunnels, airports, ports, utilities, communication networks, and renewables. The fund makes fund of funds investments in limited partnerships and other funds that make infrastructure investments and financial instruments and securities issued by companies that make infrastructure investments, or whose activities are similar or comparable to infrastructure investments. The fund invests in European Union, Norway, Switzerland, North America, South America, and selected territories in Asia and Australasia.
HICL HICL Infrastructure Company Ltd 3.491B Financial Services

 D  HICL 132.20 0,-0.349,-0.534,-0.075,-0.349 126.51,126.24,125.17,122.41,117.53,118.28,119.30,117.84,119.93,124.15,133.84,135.83,137.20,133.40 137.58-145.86 7.20% 267,250,267 0.6 Apr 5-Dec 28 37.60%
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. operatingIncome 48M  
. . netInterestIncome  
. incomeBeforeTax 48M  
. otherOperatingExpenses 1M
. netIncomeApplicableToCommonShares  
. reconciledDepreciation  
. netWorkingCapital  
. netInvestedCapital  
. netDebt -1M
. totalCashFromOperatingActivities 42M
. freeCashFlow. . 42M

Chart HICL

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