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Stock prediction for GLW.US - Corning Incorporated

Corning Incorporated engages in display technologies, optical communications, environmental technologies, specialty materials, and life sciences businesses worldwide. The company's Display Technologies segment offers glass substrates for liquid crystal displays and organic light-emitting diodes used in televisions, notebook computers, desktop monitors, tablets, and handheld devices. Its Optical Communications segment provides optical fibers and cables; and hardware and equipment products, including cable assemblies, fiber optic hardware and connectors, optical components and couplers, closures, network interface devices, and other accessories. This segment also offers its products to businesses, governments, and individuals. Its Specialty Materials segment manufactures products that provide material formulations for glass, glass ceramics, crystals, precision metrology instruments, software; as well as ultra-thin and ultra-flat glass wafers, substrates, tinted sunglasses, and radiation shielding products. This segment serves various industries, including mobile consumer electronics, semiconductor equipment optics and consumables; aerospace and defense optics; radiation shielding products, sunglasses, and telecommunications components. The company's Environmental Technologies segment offers ceramic substrates and filter products for emissions control in mobile, gasoline, and diesel applications. The company's Life Sciences segment offers laboratory products comprising consumables, such as plastic vessels, liquid handling plastics, specialty surfaces, cell culture media, and serum, as well as general labware and equipment under the Corning, Falcon, Pyrex, and Axygen brands. The company was formerly known as Corning Glass Works and changed its name to Corning Incorporated in April 1989. Corning Incorporated was founded in 1851 and is headquartered in Corning, New York.
GLW Corning Incorporated 32.786B Technology wiki y

 B  GLW 35.38 0,-0.102,0.614,0.732,-0.102 36.42,35.21,34.18,34.11,35.90,35.02,32.01,32.01,32.32,32.21,32.45,34.12,35.69,36.26,35.64 30.81-36.18 -5.32% 267,35,267 7.7 6Jul-30Mar 60.65%

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prediction values

stocklow targettargethigh targetto go daystarget date
GLW 30.81 33.50 36.18 -5.98% 267 30Mar
GLW 30.61 32.68 34.76 -8.56% 177 30Dec
GLW 30.63 32.62 34.60 -8.77% 167 20Dec
GLW 30.57 32.48 34.39 -9.21% 157 10Dec
GLW 30.62 32.43 34.24 -9.37% 147 30Nov
GLW 30.56 32.32 34.09 -9.71% 137 20Nov
GLW 30.62 32.28 33.94 -9.85% 127 10Nov
GLW 30.54 32.12 33.71 -10.34% 117 31Oct
GLW 30.62 32.10 33.59 -10.40% 107 21Oct
GLW 30.58 31.98 33.38 -10.79% 97 11Oct

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