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Biden triples tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum to boost US firms. Tesla seeks shareholder approval for Musk's $56 billion pay package. House panel accuses China of funding US fentanyl crisis. Renal Care and Outset Medical join forces to expand home dialysis in the US. Former Governor and Senator Bob Graham passes away at 87. Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation uncovers details of kidnapping and murder case. Voting technology company settles lawsuit over 2020 election claims. Venezuela shuts embassy in Ecuador in response to Mexican embassy raid.

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 Biden Seeks Higher Tariffs on Chinese Steel 
+ Biden Seeks Higher Tariffs on Chinese Steel, Aluminum to Support US Firms
+ US President Biden urges to triple tariffs on Chinese steel, aluminum, citing 'unfair competition' – Firstpost
+ Biden seeks higher tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum - 20m ago - 9 stories
 Elon Musk 
- Ground News - Tesla Asks Shareholders to Re-Ratify Musk's $56 Billion Payout
- Tesla asks shareholders to reincorporate to Texas, ratify Musk's 2018 pay package By
+ Tesla to Ask Shareholders to Reinstate Musk's $55B Pay - 1h ago - 7 stories
 China is funding US fentanyl crisis 
- House panel says China subsidizes fentanyl production to fuel crisis in the United States
+ China is funding US fentanyl crisis, House panel says in new report
= China facilitating, subsidizing US fentanyl crisis, says House committee - 2h ago - 4 stories
 Renal Care Announce Multi-Year Agreement to Accelerate and Grow Home Dialysis Across the U.S. 
- Outset Medical (OM) and U.S. Renal Care Announce Multi-Year Agreement to Accelerate and Grow Home Dialysis Across the U.S.
- Outset Medical and U.S. Renal Care Announce Multi-Year Agreement to Accelerate and Grow Home Dialysis Across the U.S. - 2h ago - 2 stories
 Former Governor and Senator Bob Graham Dies At 87 
+ Former Governor and Senator Bob Graham Dies At 87
- Bob Graham, former Florida governor, senator, dies at 87
- Former U.S. Sen. and two-term Florida Gov. Bob Graham dies at 87 - 20m ago - 7 stories
 oklahoma state bureau of investigation 
= What we know about the 4 people accused of kidnapping and killing 2 women in Oklahoma - 4h ago - 1 stories


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