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Life cycle of coronavirus at the molecular level
From Maastricht University: What happens if a SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus enters your lung? This… Tags: coronavirus , Maastricht University - flowingdata
08:28 Thu
CDC claims Listeria outbreak in multiple states! CDC blames food prepared by the general public
- investmentwatchblog
23:31 Thu
CV Show Dates
THE 2023 Commercial Vehicle Show will be held at the NEC Birmingham between 18-20 April. Registration will open in early February. Once again visitors will be able to attend free theatre sessions from expert speakers [...] - transportnews co uk
3h ago
As Covid Cases Rise in a Weary Los Angeles, So Does Apathy
Hospitalizations and Covid cases have increased sharply in Los Angeles since Thanksgiving. But fear and masks are missing this time around. - nytimes
15:30 Thu
House Passes $858 Billion Defense Bill Repealing Vaccine Mandate for Troops
The legislation would rescind the coronavirus vaccine mandate in defiance of the Biden administrations wishes, and increase the defense budget $45 billion over the presidents request. - nytimes
19:06 Thu
The Covid Pandemics Hidden Casualties: Pregnant Women
Many expectant women have avoided vaccination, unaware that the virus poses great risks to both fetus and mother. - nytimes
22:04 Thu
A&E: Nurse says Belfast A&E overcrowded and undignified
Nurse says conditions at Royal Victoria Hospital's emergency department are overcrowded and undignified. - bbci co uk
09:26 Thu
NHS Wales: Hospital staff 'in tears' over A&E pressures
Staff and bed shortages at one major hospital have led to unsafe A&E conditions, say medics. - bbci co uk
13:44 Thu
It Begins: Nigeria Restricts ATM Withdrawals To $45 Per Day To Usher In Digital Cashless Society
- investmentwatchblog
20:30 Thu
Tech Layoffs in U.S. Send Foreign Workers Scrambling to Find New Jobs
Workers on visas, many of them waiting years for green cards, now face having to leave the country unless they get hired within 60 days. - nytimes
3h ago
House passes $858 billion defense bill ending military Covid vaccine mandate
The defense bill contains a requirement that the Pentagon drop its Covid vaccine mandate for active duty service members within 30 days of its enactment. - cnbc
18:44 Thu
Ban on emergency service strikes wrong solution to serious problem, Reeves says
Rachel Reeves has argued that banning emergency service workers from going on strike is the “wrong solution to… - labourlist org
19:15 Thu
A Plea From Experts to Pregnant Women: Get Vaccinated Against Covid
Many expectant women have avoided the shots, unaware that the virus poses significant risks to the fetus and to them. - nytimes
15:17 Thu
Voluntary Firearm Divestment and Suicide Risk: Real-World Importance in the Absence of Causal Identification
No abstract available - journals lww
06:00 Sun
ASX rises as miners extend gains, global stocks rise on hope of revived China demand as it happened
The Australian share market follows Wall Street up, while oil prices continue to fall on fears of a global economic slowdown. - abc net au
20:23 Thu
RBAs rate rise cycle ended the property boom: HIA
New home sales slumped in November, as rising rates continued to squeeze mortgage holders pockets and put a strain on building activity. - smartpropertyinvestment au
07:00 Thu
Stocks surge after five day losing streak
US stocks surged higher in Thursday afternoon trading as investors attempt to come back from their current losing streak, spurred on by recession and interest rate hike fears. - cnn
18:14 Thu
RT @antonioguterres: Discrimination & hate speech are early warning signs of genocide - and they are on the rise everywhere. I call on eve
- - @Refugees
4h ago
UK bank hubs offer lifeline to those struggling in a cashless society
Businesses welcome pilot run jointly by lenders in wake of branch closures at time of soaring bills - ft
04:00 Thu
Americans Cant Afford a Doctors Visit
People in debt are sacrificing their health to make ends meet. - debt
13:00 Thu
Beijing running out of fever medication as Covid outbreak spreads
Hospitals ration supplies and long queues form at testing centres as China relaxes restrictions - ft
11:09 Thu
Light needs shedding on the dollar swaps black hole
In a world of geopolitical risks, economic pain and challenges to the US currencys supremacy, transparency is essential - ft
17:03 Thu
House passes massive $858 billion defense bill that would scrap military Covid vaccine mandate, teeing up Senate vote
The defense bill contains a requirement that the Pentagon drop its Covid vaccine mandate for active duty service members within 30 days of its enactment. - cnbc
19:08 Thu
The $2.5 quadrillion in derivatives held by the banks that will cause the financial system to collapse first. It has already started to crack It cannot be stopped, a Mossad source says
- investmentwatchblog
20:15 Thu
RT @NIHDirector: Its National Influenza Vaccination Week. Its not too late to schedule your shot to reduce the risks of #flu to yourself
- - @NIH
14:39 Thu
@amitca contact local Law enforcement agency to report these incidents. (3/3)
- - @TheOfficialSBI
2h ago
Overcoming the challenges telcos face on their journey to containerized network functions
The benefits of cloud-native are driving telcos to implement network functions as containerized workloads. - telecoms
10:35 Thu
Soaring flood insurance premiums shock desert residents as mapping discrepancy blamed
Alice Springs residents in suburbs not traditionally considered flood zones are faced with increases of more than $6,000, as the Insurance Council calls for acentralised database offlood maps. - abc net au
22:33 Thu
Nurses bitten and screens smashed - life in A&E
A shortage of beds and huge demand is causing severe overcrowding in A&Es and long delays for treatment. - bbci co uk
17:03 Thu
Airlines feel squeeze as plane leasing groups raise rents
Scarcity of aircraft and surging borrowing costs ripple through commercial aviation market - ft
8h ago
Chinas disappearing data stokes fears of hidden Covid wave
Low official case number and death toll puzzle analysts after Beijing lifts Covid testing requirements - ft
7h ago
@debraak She blocked me for trying to explain this last week to her - she prefers to just spread misinformation
- - @OptionsHawk
12:27 Thu
Beijing Braces for Covid Surge After China Lifts Pandemic Curbs
Residents in the capital city buy up at-home tests and fever medication following the governments decision to ease its zero Covid policy. - nytimes
3h ago
350PDX December Team Newsletter
The post 350PDX December Team Newsletter appeared first on 350PDX: Climate Justice . - 350pdx org
05:50 Thu
Emergency Physicians Urge Safe Behaviors as Tripledemic Concerns Rise, Winter Holidays Approach
WASHINGTON, DC, Dec. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Emergency physicians around the country are treating patients with a range of respiratory emergencies caused by the triple threat of severe cases of flu, COVID-19, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). As hospitalizations for flu-related illnesses soar, the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) urges everyone to take steps to stay safe during the holidays. - globenewswire
16:33 Thu
7 Best Personal Accident Insurance Plans in Singapore
Accidents, as its name implies, are unfortunate events that happen unexpectedly and unintentionally. At certain times, with no fault of our own! And accidents may also cause you to lose a limb or two or, worse become temporarily or partially disabled. Or, what if you accidentally contract a disease from others? Moreover, you might […] - thefinance sg
11:52 Thu
Measles in the US: What to Know About Outbreaks, Vaccines and More
Measles are affecting unvaccinated children in Ohio. The CDC and the WHO issued a warning last month about waning vaccine rates. - feed cnet
15:00 Thu
- - @zerohedge
00:21 Thu
AI can reveal hidden bias in news media
AI that compares what news media actually reported to what could have been reported can identify biases we might otherwise miss. - futurity org
14:56 Thu
From the DealBook Summit: Leaders Look Into the Future
Groundbreakers at the conference were asked whats coming next for the brain, climate, medicine, labor, security and business. - nytimes
04:30 Thu
Costco reports mixed quarter, but we see positive catalysts on the horizon
Costco Wholesale(COST) reported mixed fiscal first-quarter results after the closing bell Thursday, amid weaker consumer demand. - cnbc
13h ago
The coronavirus pandemic interrupted efforts to control malaria, resulting in 63,000 additional deaths and 13 milli
- - @AP
14:30 Thu
Explorations in the spam folderHoliday Edition
We explore spam campaigns during this holiday season, demonstrating what can happen if someone actually clicks on links or open attachments in these unsolicited emails. - blogs cisco
13:00 Thu
Analysis: Yes to masks, no to mandates
Americans have moved on from Covid-19, but the disease has not gone away. - cnn
23:15 Thu
Postcards from across Africa show the continent free from colonial-era stereotypes
These days, you can't avoid seeing pictures from your friends' vacations on Instagram or Facebook, but not so long ago, the most common way to see the world was on a postcard. - cnn
09:09 Thu
ONWARD reveals ARC therapy spinal cord injury report
Implantable ARC therapy demonstrates potential to improve blood pressure regulation - pharmatimes
13:03 Thu
CAT Release Date And Time: Is Free Streaming Possible?
Get ready to witness the scariest CAT. The post CAT Release Date And Time: Is Free Streaming Possible? appeared first on Fossbytes . - fossbytes
08:06 Thu
Opinion: Cut payroll taxes to help small businesses with mandated paid sick days
Mandating 10 paid sick days presumes all small businesses have the endless resources and the capacity of large banks they don't - business financialpost
13:22 Thu
@ErichPryde @alphatrends You should see us after 10 cocktails
- - @allstarcharts
15:18 Thu
How Demographic Shifts Fueled by Covid Delivered Midterm Wins for Democrats
Republicans are still suffering from the pandemics fallout. - politico
09:30 Thu