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Key Financials IBM

International Business Machines Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, provides integrated solutions and services worldwide. The company operates through four business segments: Software, Consulting, Infrastructure, and Financing. The Software segment offers hybrid cloud platform and software solutions; software for business automation, AIOps and management, integration, and application servers; data and artificial intelligence solutions; and security software and services for threat, data, and identity. This segment also provides transaction processing software that supports clients' mission-critical and on-premise workloads in banking, airlines, and retail industries. The Consulting segment offers business transformation services, including strategy, business process design and operations, data and analytics, and system integration services; technology consulting services; and application and cloud platform services. The Infrastructure segment provides on-premises and cloud-based server and storage solutions for its clients' mission-critical and regulated workloads; and support services and solutions for hybrid cloud infrastructure, as well as remanufacturing and remarketing services for used equipment. The Financing segment offers lease, installment payment, loan financing, and short-term working capital financing services. The company has collaboration agreement with Siemens Digital Industri Software to develop a combined software solution. The company was formerly known as Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co. International Business Machines Corporation was incorporated in 1911 and is headquartered in Armonk, New York.
IBM International Business Machines 122.742B Technology wiki y

 A  IBM 147.38 0,0.635,0.570,0.905,0.635 136.13,131.05,131.15,131.52,131.98,134.93,139.86,142.43,143.53,141.30,143.22,146.82,147.85,146.91,147.21 149.02-156.31 3.58% 267,78,267 6.3 Jul 6-Mar 29 74.15%


The following extracted figures are selected by the AI as the most essential for predicting future price movements. The impact shows the impact of the figure on the share price forecast. Sometimes the impact of an increasing beneficial figure may still be downwards when the increase was smaller than expected. The over figure shows if the actual result was higher or lower than the AI would forecast.

Income statement

. Predection Jun 30,23 Mar 31,23 Dec 31,22 Sep 30,22 Jun 30,22
totalRevenue 15408.0 15475M 14252M 16691M 14107M 15536M
grossProfit 8225.0 8501M 7509M 9633M 7430M 8290M
operatingIncome 2267.0 2423M 1425M 3625M -4206M 2019M
. netInterestIncome -265.0 -423M -367M -313M -295M -297M
incomeBeforeTax 1787.0 2000M 1058M 3312M -4501M 1722M
taxProvision 434.0 529M 124M 485M -1287M 257M
netIncome 1428.0 1583M 927M 2710M -3214M 1392M
otherOperatingExpenses 6288.0 6339M 13071M 13182M 12558M 13598M
netIncomeApplicableToCommonShares 1391.0 1583M 927M 2711M -3196M 1392M
reconciledDepreciation 988.0 1076M 1074M 1137M 1163M 1245M

Balance sheet

. Predection Jun 30,23 Mar 31,23 Dec 31,22 Sep 30,22 Jun 30,22
. itotalAssets 127651.0 132213M 133637M 127243M 125850M 127503M
totalCurrentAssets 33442.0 34458M 35982M 29118M 28999M 27896M
. cashAndShortTermInvestments 14265.0 16298M 17394M 8738M 9569M 7558M
. cash 8510.0 9394M 9337M 7886M 7816M 7034M
otherAssets 15963.0 15972M 15752M -1M -70M 1M
netWorkingCapital 1052.0 1945M 4989M -2387M -1467M -3948M
netInvestedCapital 74135.0 79677M 80317M 72893M 70955M 69718M
netDebt 55413.0 50910M 52339M 46127M 46010M 46341M

Cash Flow

. Predection Jun 30,23 Mar 31,23 Dec 31,22 Sep 30,22 Jun 30,22
. totalCashFromOperatingActivities 2681.0 2638M 3774M 3965M 1901M 1321M
. . depreciationAndAmortization 984.0 1076M 1074M 1137M 1163M 1245M
. . . changeToAccountReceivables 6.0 50M 1977M -1788M 704M -1264M
. . freeCashFlow 2187.0 2151M 3317M 3421M 1456M 827M
. incomeTaxExpense. . 421.0 419M 124M 443M -1287M 257M

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