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International Business Machines Corporation provides integrated solutions and services worldwide. The company operates through four business segments: Software, Consulting, Infrastructure, and Financing. The Software segment offers hybrid cloud platform and software solutions, such as Red Hat, an enterprise open-source solutions; software for business automation, AIOps and management, integration, and application servers; data and artificial intelligence solutions; and security software and services for threat, data, and identity. This segment also provides transaction processing software that supports clients' mission-critical and on-premise workloads in banking, airlines, and retail industries. The Consulting segment offers business transformation services, including strategy, business process design and operations, data and analytics, and system integration services; technology consulting services; and application and cloud platform services. The Infrastructure segment provides on-premises and cloud-based server and storage solutions for its clients' mission-critical and regulated workloads; and support services and solutions for hybrid cloud infrastructure, as well as remanufacturing and remarketing services for used equipment. The Financing segment offers lease, installment payment, loan financing, and short-term working capital financing services. The company was formerly known as Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co. International Business Machines Corporation was incorporated in 1911 and is headquartered in Armonk, New York.
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Stock financials

IBM (US) None

Income statement

. impact 2022-03-31 2021-12-31 2021-09-30 2021-06-30
totalRevenue   14197M 3259M 17618M 18745M
costOfRevenue   6862M -2849M 9447M 9741M
grossProfit   7335M 6108M 8171M 9004M
totalOperatingExpenses   6156M 4794M 6338M 6857M
. sellingGeneralAdministrative   3965M 2770M 4100M 4698M
. researchDevelopment   1679M 1581M 1621M 1657M
operatingIncome   1179M 1313M 1833M 2147M
. netInterestIncome   -311M -303M -291M -270M
. . interestIncome   17M 13M 14M 11M
. . interestExpense   311M 303M 291M 281M
totalOtherIncomeExpenseNet   -556M -252M -514M -595M
. nonOperatingIncomeNetOther   -246M 38M -234M -315M
incomeBeforeTax   623M 1061M 1319M 1552M
taxProvision   -39M 407M 188M 227M
netIncome   733M 2332M 1130M 1325M
otherOperatingExpenses   13018M 1945M 15785M 16598M
netIncomeApplicableToCommonShares   733M 2332M 1130M 1325M
. netIncomeFromContinuingOps   662M 2462M 1130M 1325M
. discontinuedOperations   71M -129M -129M -129M
ebit   1005M 2394M 1609M 1833M
reconciledDepreciation   1257M 1380M 1684M 1680M

Balance sheet

. . impact 2022-03-31 2021-12-31 2021-09-30 2021-06-30
. itotalAssets   133275M 132001M 144214M 146814M
totalCurrentAssets   31330M 29539M 29967M 30774M
. cashAndShortTermInvestments   10484M 7250M 8055M 7950M
. cash   9934M 6650M 7455M 7350M
shortTermInvestments   550M 600M 600M 600M
. netReceivables   13725M 14977M 14669M 15823M
. inventory   1776M 1649M 1891M 1807M
. otherCurrentAssets   5345M 5663M 5352M 5194M
nonCurrentAssetsTotal   101944M 102460M 114249M 116040M
. propertyPlantEquipment   5559M 8916M 13391M 13810M
. . propertyPlantAndEquipmentGross   20006M 20085M 13391M 13810M
. . accumulatedDepreciation   -14448M -14390M -23211M -23152M
. longTermInvestments   1771M 1823M 1996M 2010M
otherAssets   203889M 204922M 19411M 19417M
nonCurrrentAssetsOther   15521M 17815M 15491M 16082M
. inoncontrollingInterestInConsolidatedEntity   62M 95M 129M 125M
. goodWill   56106M 55643M 61378M 61645M
. intangibleAssets   12313M 12511M 13026M 13539M

. impact 2022-03-31 2021-12-31 2021-09-30 2021-06-30
totalLiab   114163M 113005M 121857M 124747M
. totalCurrentLiabilities   34056M 33619M 35832M 36616M
. . accountsPayable   3453M 3955M 4248M 4214M
. . shortTermDebt   8644M 7760M 8860M 7776M
. . otherCurrentLiab   8433M 9386M 10460M 11354M
. shortLongTermDebt   7690M 6787M 7575M 6442M
nonCurrentLiabilitiesTotal   80107M 79386M 86025M 88131M
. longTermDebt   46545M 44917M 46926M 48735M
. longTermDebtTotal   46545M 44917M 46926M 48735M
. capitalLeaseObligations   3312M 3436M 4477M 4612M
. deferredLongTermLiab   3423M 924M 2248M 2362M
. otherLiab   31204M 32007M 35907M 36118M
. . nonCurrentLiabilitiesOther   13844M 13995M 15178M 14740M

. impact 2022-03-31 2021-12-31 2021-09-30 2021-06-30
totalStockholderEquity   19050M 18901M 22228M 21942M
. otherStockholderEquity   -191954M -23235M -169406M -169404M
. commonStockTotalEquity   57603M 57319M 57189M 56912M
. . capitalSurpluse   56869M 56740M 56463M
. . retainedEarnings   153401M 154209M 161747M 162086M
. . retainedEarningsTotalEquity   153401M 154209M 161747M 162086M
. . treasuryStock   -169392M -169406M -169404M
. . accumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncome   -22532M -23234M -27302M -27652M
. . commonStock   57603M 57319M 57189M 56912M
. . totalPermanentEquity  
. . preferredStockTotalEquity  
. . preferredStockAndOtherAdjustments  
. . temporaryEquityRedeemableNoncontrollingInterests  
. . warrants  
. minorityInterest   129M 125M
capitalLeaseObligations   3312M 3436M 4477M 4612M
netTangibleAssets   -49367M -49253M -52175M -53242M
netWorkingCapital   -2726M -4080M -5865M -5842M
netInvestedCapital   73285M 70605M 76729M 77119M
shortLongTermDebtTotal   57547M 55139M 58978M 59789M
netDebt   47613M 48489M 51523M 52439M
commonStockSharesOutstanding   909M 907M 906M 904M
. preferredStockRedeemable  
liabilitiesAndStockholdersEquity   133213M 131906M 144085M 146689M

Cash Flow

. impact 2022-03-31 2021-12-31 2021-09-30 2021-06-30
totalCashFromOperatingActivities   3248M 2544M 2713M 2625M
netIncomeFromContinuingOps   662M 2462M 1130M 1325M
. depreciationAndAmortization   1256M 1381M 1684M 1680M
. . depreciation   1256M 1381M 1684M 1680M
. otherNonCashItems   -51M -2156M -7M -152M
. changeInWorkingCapital   1076M 724M -356M -472M
. . changeReceivables   1372M
. . changeToAccountReceivables   1631M -1328M 1472M 900M
. . changeToInventory   138M 138M 138M
. changeToLiabilities   0M 85M 0M 0M
. . cashFlowsOtherOperating   1025M -1028M -362M -623M
totalCashflowsFromInvestingActivities   -1358M -675M -629M -2671M
. otherCashflowsFromInvestingActivities   -734M -3594M 1M 1M
. capitalExpenditures   450M 601M 734M 764M
. investments   -1358M 38M 109M -252M
totalCashFromFinancingActivities   1377M -2692M -1748M -3131M
. netBorrowings   2947M -2030M -287M -1500M
. salePurchaseOfStock   -80M -67M -18M -193M
. dividendsPaid   -1475M -1474M -1471M -1467M
. otherCashflowsFromFinancingActivities   4061M -686M 1079M 242M
cashAndCashEquivalentsChanges   3267M -823M 336M -3177M
changeInCash   3262M -849M 241M -3108M
freeCashFlow   2798M 1943M 1979M 1861M

Other fields
. . impact 2022-03-31 2021-12-31 2021-09-30 2021-06-30
. nonRecurring  
. changeToOperatingActivities   1076M -1433M -362M -472M
. changeToNetincome   234M 264M 261M 92M
. otherItems  
. negativeGoodwill  
. additionalPaidInCapital  
. accumulatedAmortization  
. filing_date   0M 0M 0M 0M
. effectOfAccountingCharges  
. earningAssets  
. extraordinaryItems   -129M 1159M 14M
. date   0M 0M 0M 0M
. . currency_symbol   0M 0M 0M 0M
. iincomeTaxExpense. .   -39M -241M 188M 227M