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Long Term forecasts

Our most accurate predictions are our US long term forecasts which predict prices 6 to 12 months ahead and are calculated using deep learning to help highlight longer term investments.

Key - The following symbols indicate the following conditions:

  • Circles - important stock item
  • Arrows - Predicted to move the market up/down
  • Chevron - Predicted to move the stock up/down
  • Triangles - Actual market movement of stock

We also make forecasts for the Australia, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia markets

Stock Information

To get information on a single stock, type the stock name in the symbol box at the top and press enter. This gives you access to:

  • intraday graphs
  • news graphs
  • full news coverage for any stock
  • forecasts
  • financial summary and graphs

Other links

You can change the exchange by clicking a country button from the menu bar.

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Market news - chevrons indicate local prediction, arrows show global predictions, circles show importance

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