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Key Financials AUPH

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc., a commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company, focuses on developing and commercializing therapies to treat various diseases with unmet medical need in the United States. The company also offers LUPKYNIS for the treatment of adult patients with active lupus nephritis. It has a collaboration and license agreement with Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc. is headquartered in Victoria, Canada.
AUPH Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc 1.286B Healthcare

 D  AUPH 8.86 0,-2.036,0.954,-0.337,-2.036 9.88,9.18,8.38,7.98,7.30,7.45,7.68,7.33,7.59,7.99,8.18,9.05,8.71,8.82 4.38-6.97 -35.96% 267,67,267 6.7 Oct 5-Jun 28 38.58%


The following extracted figures are selected by the AI as the most essential for predicting future price movements. The impact shows the impact of the figure on the share price forecast. Sometimes the impact of an increasing beneficial figure may still be downwards when the increase was smaller than expected. The over figure shows if the actual result was higher or lower than the AI would forecast.

Income statement

. Predection Sep 30,23 Jun 30,23 Mar 31,23 Dec 31,22 Sep 30,22
totalRevenue 50.0 55M 41M 34M 28M 56M
grossProfit 41.0 48M 40M 34M 27M 53M
operatingIncome -15.0 -16M -16M -30M -28M -9M
. netInterestIncome 1.0 3M 4M 4M 3M 1M
incomeBeforeTax -13.0 -13M -12M -26M -25M -8M
taxProvision 0.0 0M -1M 0M 1M 1M
netIncome -13.0 -13M -11M -26M -26M -9M
otherOperatingExpenses 68.0 71M 58M 64M 57M 65M
netIncomeApplicableToCommonShares -11M -26M -26M -9M
reconciledDepreciation 5.0 5M 1M 1M 0M 1M

Balance sheet

. Predection Sep 30,23 Jun 30,23 Mar 31,23 Dec 31,22 Sep 30,22
. itotalAssets 537.0 555M 549M 452M 471M 488M
totalCurrentAssets 412.0 426M 416M 424M 443M 460M
. cashAndShortTermInvestments 319.0 338M 351M 362M 389M 377M
. cash 51.0 46M 82M 89M 94M 86M
otherAssets 2M 13M 13M
netWorkingCapital 260.0 353M 354M 382M 396M 418M
netInvestedCapital 360.0 392M 392M 390M 405M 423M
netDebt 2.0 47M 19M -81M -86M -78M

Cash Flow

. Predection Sep 30,23 Jun 30,23 Mar 31,23 Dec 31,22 Sep 30,22
. totalCashFromOperatingActivities -8.0 -13M -3M -32M 10M -15M
. . depreciationAndAmortization 5.0 5M 1M 1M 0M 1M
. . . changeToAccountReceivables -3.0 -18M -0M -6M 28M -24M
. . freeCashFlow -12.0 -13M -3M -32M 11M -15M
. incomeTaxExpense. . 0.0 0M -1M 0M 1M 1M

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