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Key Financials BBVA

BBVA Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A 44.313B Financial Services wiki y

symbolprev.closerangecharttargetpercentperiodmonthsdueratingmain factors
 A  BBVA 6.61 0,1.186,0.322,1.610,1.186 5.85,5.95,6.30,6.53,6.75,6.55,6.47,6.49,6.40,6.55,6.26,6.53,6.73,6.67,6.70 7.68-8.22 20.22% 267,110,267 5.2 6Jul-30Mar 89.86% changeInCash

The following extracted figures are selected by the AI as the most essential for predicting future price movements. The impact shows the impact of the figure on the share price forecast. Sometimes the impact of an increasing beneficial figure may still be downwards when the increase was smaller than expected. The over figure shows if the actual result was higher or lower than the AI would forecast.

Income statement

. over impact 2021-06-30 2021-03-31 2020-12-31 2020-09-30 2020-06-30
totalRevenue     5713M 4242M 9760M 4696M 5696M
. netInterestIncome     3503M 3451M 4038M 4109M 4097M
incomeBeforeTax     1130M 1759M 3639M 1978M 1067M
taxProvision     293M 489M 407M 524M 269M
netIncome 701M 1210M 1320M 1141M 635M
otherOperatingExpenses     907M 167M 227M 170M 226M
netIncomeApplicableToCommonShares 701M 1210M 1320M 1142M 635M
reconciledDepreciation     306M 309M 156M 366M 369M

Balance sheet

. over impact 2021-06-30 2021-03-31 2020-12-31 2020-09-30 2020-06-30
. itotalAssets     648169M 719705M 736176M 727014M 753824M
totalCurrentAssets     180155M 156000M 186591M 187855M 197410M
. cashAndShortTermInvestments    
. cash   61687M 54950M 65520M 72171M 65877M
otherAssets   342491M 436812M 347623M 404058M 422816M
netInvestedCapital     103307M 57418M 110858M 110141M 112340M
netDebt     -2895M 2468M 52619M 67051M 72791M

Cash Flow

. over impact 2021-06-30 2021-03-31 2020-12-31 2020-09-30 2020-06-30
. totalCashFromOperatingActivities   -1373M -8970M -8970M 7020M 18148M
. . depreciationAndAmortization     306M 309M 366M
. . . changeToAccountReceivables
. . freeCashFlow     -1530M -9093M 18016M
. incomeTaxExpense. .     293M 489M 480M 524M 269M

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