Long term forecasts from reading the accounts using AI

The forecasts shows how the AI predicts the stock over stock over time. Future forecasts are more likely to be accurate if past ones are more accurate as it shows the AI has more familiarity with the symbol, so check the history page too. The prediction band width is tuned so that half the chart should remain within the band. We do not assume that stock market prices are normally distributed so the price can move far outside this band.


The blue progress line now shows start amd predicted target range, the red line shows actual price yesterday

Symbol progress ref last target From O To %change aldready pred %change to go std dev sureness success

This page shows forecasts of stock market prices based on our opinions that are computed using deep learning from each company's accounts.

Please note, these are only for discussion purposes and you should consult an expert before making any trades

the columns are as follows

  • Symbol - the symbol of the stock
  • progress - the long dark line is the starting point, the short line is the current price and the red line is the target
  • ref - price when the prediction was made
  • last - yesterday's closing price
  • target - target price for the prediction
  • From - the time the prediction was made
  • O - a graphical representation of the time past since the prediction
  • To - date the prediction is made for
  • %change aldready - the percentage change since the prediction was made
  • pred %change - predicted percentage change
  • to go - the % change yet to go
  • std dev - standard deviation predicted by the system
  • sureness - confidence of the system where 50% is totally unsure
  • success - a guage of how successful this was in the past
  • Gainers lists the predicted best rising stocks

    Losers lists the predicted best falling stocks